♥Cullen Fever♥

So, you guys know how after Twilight the movie came out everybody just went crazy over it. Then the same thing happened after New Moon came out. I'm willing to bet money that Eclipse is going to cause the same kind of craze(even though it really already has and it's not even out yet). This contest is for all of the craze over the Cullens that's coming. I want sets with more than one Cullen in them. Example: Jasper & Emmett or Rosalie and Alice or Edward and Carlisle, or Bella and Esme. Yes Bella and Renesemee both count as Cullen's for this contest. And yes, they can be out of character, too. Do not give me single pictures! GET TO WORK PEOPLE!! 1 week, 10 winners, no limit:) haha ILY XOXO

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