Photobucket As u all know i love LimeCrime.
Make a FASHION set(s)featuring LimeCrime make-up, it must have LimeCrime in it and a lovely picture of Doedeere.
Another thing, and i am not trying to be a corn ball, but any sets that i feel look anything like mines WILL BE REMOVED, PLEASE BE ORIGINAL! DO NOT COPY
ANY OF MY SETS or anyone else. Also remeber this is a yummy group, so add some thing sweet!
Have fun, u never know, Doedeere might see these AWESOME LimeCrimeilious
sets. While ur add it check out Limecrime Make-Up site. My favorite yummy eye shadow is
"Shoe Addict" Can Spoil My PartyNoOne Can Spoil My Party by ❤✿PaintHead featuring Betsey Johnson heels & wedges

Created by painthead. Created in ❤✿Guilty Pleasures❤✿. 224 sets from 124 members. Ended 7 years ago.