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Imagine dropping your favorite pressed shadow, shattering it to pieces—we’ve all been there and it’s no picnic. Instead of throwing it out, we’ve got an easy step-by-step tutorial to pick up the broken pieces and put the color back into the pan. With a clean space and a little patience, you can get your shattered shadow into working shape.


Wrote one year ago
does the make up end up on the coin and stays on the coin?? how im i suppose to keep that from cracking again?

Wrote two years ago
thats so clever!

Wrote two years ago
what is rubbing alcohol?

Wrote two years ago
@beautylish that is so cool! pls follow me!!

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
This works! I've done something similar before with my broken blushes and bronzers too. I only had body spray at the time I repaired several cracked powdered make up in one shot. It was made up of mostly alcohol with a little fragrance so now when I open those they all have a fresh scent. Plain alcohol is the way to go of course, if you have it, because you can't be sure how your face will react to the fragrance. I have a highlighter that I can't live without and thanks to this trick I didn't have too.

Wrote two years ago
this is awesome!