When it comes to online holiday shopping suggestions, Lauren Sherman is one of the best people you could ask! She’s Executive Digital Editor of Luckymag.com, and she’s doled out style advice at Fashionista and Forbes, too. So what will this foremost expert on new media chic be giving her nearest and dearest this year? Click through to find out!



Wrote three years ago
we love Kora!

Wrote three years ago
great picks! i've been a fan of Lauren's since she was at fashionista.

Wrote three years ago
hi @polyvore-editorial, miss look and comment your amazing sets collections and trends.......I'm here while the rest of the people rest a little (crazy trip with kids, much to do...)!!!!!! Amazing gift guide by Lauren Sherman......just wow for Hermés cards (I love play with friends)!!!!!!! xo :-) Ka

Wrote three years ago
Yeah, good ideas ^-^

Wrote three years ago
Great ideas!! Love the set!

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