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idk what this layout is... I was lazy.

Hey ya'll, if you want to collab just let me know!

Also, kind of a warning since it has explicit violent/gore details? Just in case.

I had sneaked into the kitchen at Stark Tower—very late at night I might add—and started eating some leftovers that someone had left in the fridge. I was very hungry, I had forgotten to eat because I was very busy examining some bodies they found in an abandoned house. I was totally unfazed by this because my job meant I had to witness people dying all the time, hell, I was responsible for cutting their lives short if I was ordered to. But no one at my workplace knew that, so when I stared at the bodies like nothing had happened, I received some bad looks and glares from my co-workers.

I didn't like anyone on earth. Most people were highly sensible and I had to fake being sensible too, but lately I grew tired of that. I wanted to be my as.shole persona, even if that meant not having friends or acquaintances. Everyone was extra careful while I thrived for danger.

I brought some photos and files from the crime scene with me, to study them and maybe contact the dead people, you know, to accelerate the process. I wasn't responsible for the death of /all/ people, but I had a good chunk on my tab. Unfortunately, I wasn't responsible for their deaths—because it wasn't a natural circumstance—so I had to study them and find out who killed them and maybe why.

I chewed some cheesecake while spreading the photos all over the kitchen table, arranging them from limbs to complete bodies. They were all very severed that it was really hard to recognize their faces and sadly, we didn't have names either. If humanity had taught me anything, it probably was that people are violent by nature. And the idiot or idiots who did this had cut off the fingerprints off the people, so that was out of the question. They also went all out and charred the bodies.

I was getting frustrated by the second, so I totally didn't notice that someone was in the room until I heard a voice behind my ear, “What on earth is that?” A male voice asked in surprise.

Once again, I didn't jump like people do when they're scared. I just tilted my face to the side, moving my eyeballs to see the intruder. “My work.” I replied with an unamused tone.

“Are you a cop?” He asked, amused. I turned around, face-to-face with Clint Barton, who was standing there totally shirtless.

I rolled my eyes, “I'm a forensic pathologist, totally different from a cop.”

“I can clearly see why...” he said, stealing a piece of my cheesecake and sitting next to me. “So, what are we looking for?”

“...Who sent you here?” I glared at him, looking around the room to see if I caught anything suspicious.

He frowned, “No one... you're not even supposed to be here. But since I'm a good guy, I'll just say we were studying a mission or something.”

“Right.” I snorted, “It was Black Widow, isn't it?”

“No.” I heard a female voice from behind us and I instantly knew it was her. “And my name is Natasha, don't be rude.”

“Oh, so it was you.”

“Clint came here by his own will.” She snapped. “And now Clint is leaving with me, come on.” She said to him, pulling him by the arm. What was her problem?

“Actually, I wanna help my friend here to solve this case.” Clint said coolly.

“That is not your problem.” Natasha said, getting more and more irritated by the second. Was she jealous?

“But I want to.” He shrugged. “See you tomorrow 'Tasha. I'll make sure to be there just in time for training.”

“As you wish.” She rolled her eyes and stormed off the room.

“What was that all about?” I asked him confused.

“Well, we used to date.” He sighed. I should've known better.

“And she's jealous of me?” I laughed, “I'm so not your type.” I said. To be fair, I looked like death personified: I had dark eyes, straw-y hair, really pale skin and blood-tinted lips. 

“Who says I have a type?” Clint smirked playfully.

“You don't even know what's my alter-ego...” I frowned.

“Atropos, goddess of death.” He said, “Didn't think I'd read your file?”

“I thought Tony had those under key.” I bit my lip.

“You sneaked into the kitchen. I sneaked into his office.” Clint shrugged. “We all have our ways to get around this place.”

I nodded, “Anything else I should know?”

He grinned, “I can show you around.”
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Wrote 4 years ago
Fab set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote 4 years ago
Wonderful green-touched set! and I added you on tumblr :D

Wrote 4 years ago
AAHHHH!!! Clint is awesome!! and so is stana, love it!!!! :D

Wrote 4 years ago
great story!



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