heh. i got gaga's new cd for a dollar on amazon. they don't have the promotion anymore though.

well wouldya look at that. A REAL SET. oh dang. i've been busy with real life. but i only have 4 days of school left :] 3 if you wanna combine my last two days since they're shortened days cause of exams but lkadhf;ladlfhad;lfhda. SUMMER. it doesn't feel like summer at all, like it's in the 60's right now. lame sauce. but this weekend's gonna hit the 90's and guess where i'll be. AT A SOCCER TOURNAMENT. yeah buddy. gotta love running in the blazing heat. 

i have an english project that i'm gonna do on monday. it's a commercial about standing up for what you believe in. i have this vision in my head that it'll be rad. if you want, i might be able to put it on youtube and show you all :]

i was supposed to see pirates again with my best friend but couldn't :p oh well, that means i get to watch ghost adventures on travel channel trolololololol. yeah...i'm bored.

so i had to give a group presentation in history today. lol. so funny. we weren't in the ideal time limit so i had to ramble about a bunch of crap. you shoulda seen me. i was a pure idiot.
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