@caligurl98 here!
This bracelet is such a cute idea!
it may seem a little hard but it's so 
adorable in the end!

What You Need;

*Bracelet of your choice (preferably like the one in the picture. There's plenty to choose from at Micheal's or any craft store you choose.) Make sure it has a clasp on it.

*Floral or decorative gems with a flat base. (Like the ones you would find in flower arrangements)

* Book of your choosing (Harry Potter, Twilight, or The Hunger Games) or you can print them off of the internet.

* Mod Podge (Sold at almost all craft stores) and a paintbrush

* Any heavy-duty, permanent adhesive


1) Choose your book and/ or quotes off of the internet and place your clear gems over the words you want. Circle the circumference of the gem so you don't have paper hanging out the ends when you put the paper on the back of the gem.

2) Use your paintbrush to spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the backs of your gems. Stick the designs on, making sure you place them so that the design will show through the top. Then, add another coat of Mod Podge. Let it dry completely!

3) Once all the gems are clear and dry, use a thin coat of your heavy-duty adhesive on the backs of them. Try to get all the way to the edges-just don't over do it, because you don't want it leaking out over the edges.Then just place the gems onto the blanks of your bracelet.

4) Let dry completely, preferably over-night.

5) Enjoy your adorable bracelet!

Hope you enjoyed this tip 
and have fun trying it out! 

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