Read Below For The Cutest Story Ever! ^-^

My crush is deaf. It makes me sad when I see people bully him, but he's strong and it doesn't get to him. He's one of the happiest people I've met. A few months ago, he signed to me "Do you like anyone?" And I smiled and signed back, "Yes. But it makes me sad that he's never heard my voice." He got all serious before signing "I don't need to hear your voice to love you." We've been together ever since.


Omg, that is true love there bi*ches!
True effing love!

I swear, i remember i used to be scared to fall in love and used to think fairytales were fake, but eff that. I can't wait to fall in love. Ahh, blahh.

Jk, its still kinda scary. (/.\)

Anyway, you can leave now cause im just gonna talk about useless crap. :P

Mi nombre es Cassandra, y me encanta tacos. c:

K for real doe, i do. 

Anyway, I effing hate this one itch sooo effing much.

Okay, i promise i dont hate a lot of people but if you're gonna be a total itch to me, the eff you little hoe.

"Oh, haha, you go get your own." she says

*itch, you're the damn captain/ person who takes care of the group.
You go get me my effing crap. Dumb hoe...

Blahh, eff you, eff you, and eff you. You're okay. 

Okay, i think im done with that one.

So, i dont have a best friend anymore.

I honestly feel so alone now days.

Jk, i do have a best friend but he's a guy and I cant complain about girl problems or talk about useless crap that no 0ne cares about. :c

:O Look^^ Its a 0 when i menat to type a o. x)

But yeah.

Well, thats basically it.

When a hoe messes with me, I put them on blast... on my blog.

I have something else to say, but ill tell you guys later because im not sure yet...

So it could be interesting, or it could be not. :P

I guess you'll have to wait and see. 

Okay, off to tumblr.

Bye Polyvorians, Hello Tumblr.

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