Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday Dear Cassandrraaaa. Happy Birthday To Me.

*Blows out candles.* (:


So people, its my birthday today and i got alot of happy birthday texts/calls and even one prank birthday call which i thought was just hilarious. x)

Yes, im sick so its not the best birthday, but i have to say its better than the one i had back in 6th grade.

So, i even got a happy birthday message from that one guy that i told yall about a long time ago.
Well, it wasn't that long ago, but it still feels pretty long since the first semester has already gone by.

Well, soooo... i also had this one happy birthday wish from that girl that i have been complaining about for two years now... jk, its probably been a few months but still. 
I was just like you better wish me a happy birthday you little h0e.
 Jk again, but you know how i am. :P

Well, do you guys remember RN.?
I dont know if i should reveal his name yet just for certain reasons...
But, he is still playing his games and lets just say that if he wants to play, then i think a few little games wont hurt anyone. :P

So, the prank birthday call was from Matthew, Marcus, and Romey... (I think thats how you spell his name...)
But yeah. 
Gabi and I were talking on the phone just messing around and then i get a private number from them so i just decided to play along and brought Gabi along for the ride. xD
I have amazing friends. No joke. <3

Well, i guess thats basically it.
I might go on tumblr now . 
Nothing to do here anymore. :P

Oh, yeah, i almost forgot.
Just because she failed when she tried to tell me happy birthday over the phone.

You guys should go like some of her sets.

Okayy, byee!(:

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Wrote two years ago
Happy Birthday my dear! :)

Wrote three years ago
Thank you!! xx ^.^

Wrote three years ago
Happy very late birthday! Hope you had a great one! xx

Wrote three years ago
@lola-gal @lovecocotutu
Thanks for the belated birthday wishes!! ^.^


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