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So this morning someone from Polyvore from waaay back came across my mind. I ended up Googling which led me to flipping through profiles on here which led me to reading my old old old messages which led me to looking at more (now inactive) profiles - and now I'm just reminiscing about that old era of Polyvore. The most embarrassingly basicbitch era of my life lmao, but the most fun I've had on Polyvore. Pretty sure no one really gives a shit, nor does anyone know what I'm talking about - except maybe @katrinaballerina ?? Only person I follow who is still active and was a part of that era, I think. And lmao people had like 5+ accounts all under different names with 'rl pics' that were from Tumblr. Oh, and we used double ampersands and forced ourselves to type all under-case cause it was cuter lol. And there was Dresdan and them and Marina (? I think) and a bunch of other people, cause we were all 13/14 year olds with nothing better to do lets be real. And now everyone's 17/18 or whatever and doing other things and it's great. But I miss having a tight community of people and friends - albeit with fake names and pictures; it was still fun.

That probably made zero sense, but I tried explaining my early days of Polyvore to my boyfriend and he didn't get it obviously, so I needed somewhere else to ramble. 

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