An art collage from April 2014
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  • NOVICA Original Modern Painting
    Reaching upward on a cold canvas blue clouds mingle with dancing pillars of light. Pale and tenuous the ghostly shapes undulate in icy colors. Manoarino evokes the complex beauty of an iceberg in this mesmerizing abstract.
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  • NOVICA Abstract Oil Painting
    Abstract shapes race across a canvas filled with gray clouds. Circles suggest wheels and squares imply windows in tall buildings. This painting explores the chaos of today's mentality modern emotions through color says Peruvian artist Estrada. Titled Caos y creatividad in Spanish.
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  • NOVICA Unique Abstract Fine Art from Brazil
    Delta wing kites inspire this work as Fabio Kerr traces the hang glider's path across the sky. Meandering paths of color linger amid pale blue clouds. The result is an abstract of mesmerizing beauty. Titled Voo in Portuguese.
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  • NOVICA Set of 2 Original Javanese Modern Art Paintings
    Deep currents flow across a span of two canvases in a world of color and chaos. Sutianto evokes flowing water and the windy sky. Layers of white depict clouds the Javanese artist says. Cobalt creates a sense of distance and all the blue tonalities portray the infinite heavens.
  • NOVICA Abstract Oil Painting (2003)
    Inchoate clouds swirl in a roiling universe inspired by a dream. Deep blue evokes mystery and awe while a blazing star is mesmerizing. Whirling like the Milky Way stars unite in luminous clouds in this elegant oil on canvas. Rungsak Dokbua paints a fantasy series that exalts all of nature - sea sun and mountains stars clouds sun and moon. Humans' life is like that undersea he says. There is movement. Sometimes it is calm sometimes stormy but it is never ending. The fiery star symbolizes the meaning of life. Everything in the universe has the power to make things happen either bad or good.
  • NOVICA Brazilian Fine Art Surreal Landscape Painting
    Curvilinear shapes swirl across this canvas in frank abstraction. Yet in the center of the painting a realistic landscape appears beneath a yellow sky. Just below the roiling clouds rugged peaks thrust upward and a narrow path winds through verdant pastures. When the portal between worlds opens we liberate the emotions. At that exact moment we no longer have control because the dimensional veil between the worlds is removed. It alters our perceptions artist Mendes Ferreira explains. This work forms part of his series Windows of the Soul. Titled Portal entre os mundos in Portuguese.
  • NOVICA Indonesian Abstract Painting (Set of 4)
    Clouds cover the world enveloping everything in a cool white mist. Peeking through the haze patches of blue are infinite. Luminous shadows traverse this set of four enigmatic abstracts by Sutianto. This is an expression of a man trying to search for a purity in his soul to create peace in his life. A person will always have positive thoughts in whatever condition. Blue symbolizes peace while light blue and white represent passion. Thin lines of red stand for anger the artist explains.
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  • NOVICA Signed Javanese Abstract Art
    In this painting Sutianto depicts a personal fantasy that flies far above the clouds. It floats on the clouds in a cold night. He selects a palette of clear blue and yellow yet black is a grounding factor. Titled Anganku in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • NOVICA Abstract Fine Art Oil Painting (2011)
    Red splashes across a gripping image suggesting blood implying a mortal danger. Busy shapes race to and fro set against what may be a sky that is still blue. Conservation concerns me says Andean artist Theus. With this painting I make reference to a lack of scruples toward birds and toward animals in general. The contamination of our environment and our denaturalization are now unlimited. We must create a culture of preserving the natural world surrounding us. Titled Calentamiento mortal in Spanish.
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  • NOVICA Original Abstract Oil Painting Signed Peru
    Crimson globes fly across the sky the voluptuous spheres defining planets yet at the same time suggesting a nude body. Working with a brilliant palette of oils Jorge Romero communicates sensations of creation in a universe of bold color. Titled Creacion de nuevos planetas in Spanish.
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  • NOVICA Peru Fine Art Oil Painting
    Subtle but ever present the art of Peru's ancient Chavin culture is felt in Olimpio Pozo's works. It permeates this elegant abstract whispering of the grandeur of the past. Clouds suggest the mist of forgetfulness yet the motifs surge forward in burning colors. The artist creates nostalgic moods with his visual poetry. Titled Evocando el Pasado in Spanish.
  • NOVICA Still Life Oil Painting
    Seen up close pebbles become individuals as each reveals a distinct shape and range of colors. Choojit depicts every smooth stone with astonishing realism. Sunshine highlights some while shadows envelop those beneath creating a sensation of depth. This extraordinary nature study celebrates the earth's beautiful gifts.
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  • NOVICA Abstract Oil Painting
    Rungsak Dokbua creates a galaxy of swirling colors evoking both the infinite heavens and droplets of water. Spinning around a central point they draw the eye inward. Blues predominate in this beautiful abstract yet fiery red and tenuous yellow bring heat to the work.

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