aloha beauties, 

as many of you know i want to start a blog where I can post photographs, write about fashion and beauty, do fashion / beauty tags, outfit of the day etc. 

I just wanted your guys' opinion on some things, and if you help i can give you some set likes, an inspired set, a follow, an item raid or something c';

which blogging profile do you think is the best for the kind of blog i want / which is the easiest to follow me on? 
> tumblr 
> wordpress 
> blogger 
> or other 

also i need help with names for my blog, so if you could help me pick one of these or even contribute your own suggestion that would be fabulous

 I want it to include /be inspired by any of these words 
- celestial 
- crescent 
- flower
- star 
- lunar 
- moon child 
- moon 
- paradise
- strangers 
- ocean 
- fashion 

 please comment below this form 

❁ blogging platform - [ any of the three listed or other ] 
❁ blog name ideas - (you can use any of the words above, use one or more in a name, use none, use all, anything c; ) 
❁ what you would like in return for helping - [ choose from set likes, inspired set, follow, collection of items, raid etc ] 

thank you guys, i'll try to upload a proper set soon ❁ 

- chlo

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