{April 7th} Wednesday-Rave anyone? Who needs a dance to get totally drunk, and wasted? The Noel Kahn and the boys never fail at providing enough booze. And the girls never fail at bringing on the drama, and cat fights. Something tells me there is some serious shit going on here tonight.

I had been sitting out on my back porch, painting whatever was in my head when I felt my cell phone buzz twice, once right after the other. Noah Kahn was having one of his usual lets-get-drunk-off-our-asses-just-because-we-can parties and Esteban offered to pick me up. After studying for spring testing, breaking out the sequins sounded like a very good idea. 
After getting the paint off my hands and nose (how in the word had it gotten there?), and switching into a more evening appropriate pair of shades, I was ready to party. Now, getting drunk and being blind are not a good combination, or so I had heard from people. It wasn’t something I was really up for trying out. With loss of one sense, I like to keep my mind pretty unaltered, or things don’t exactly go…pretty. And that honestly sort of sucked. I had Toby to thank for that. And word on the streets is that he hooked up with some Holly chic. I knew that it was my best interests to keep away from the pair of them if they turned up tonight.
Arriving at the Kahn Mansion, the bass was already pounding when Esteban and I stepped out of his car. I could hear the sounds of drunken laughter coming from right inside, a party might be just what I need.
You don’t need to see to dance, but the only problem with that is you don’t exactly know who you’re dancing with. As the night wore on and the smell of weed began to mix with Jack Daniels in the air, the party became increasingly edgier. I knew I wasn’t dancing with Esteban, but whoever I was dancing with wasn’t too bad, and his calonge was even better. It was nice not to think for a bit, but then reality hit when the dance floor seemed to decompress. I did actually need find Esteban to get home. As I pulled off the dance floor and scooped my hair into a loose ponytail, I dialed his number. My heart began to pound when he didn’t pick up. I tried again, and why was there still no response?
“Jenna? You all right?”
I turned around to hear Mona Vanderwall at my side.
“Um, have you seen Esteban around? He was suppose to give me a ride home,” I asked.
“He’s over making out with Naomi,” she said breezily, a drunken edge to her voice.
“Oh wait!” Mona said slowly, “Didn’t you guys have some sort of thing? I had heard he was going to ask you out actually.”
“Doesn’t sound like it anymore,” my voice quivered.
“That sucks J,” Mona slurred, and I heard her plop onto a chair, “Hey, have seen Hanna around? I’ve been looking for that b.tch all night.”
“I haven’t,” I sighed, folding my arms around my sequin dress. 
I took a deep breath, wishing I could take a few shots of whatever crap Noel was mixing up. It would sure taste better than the sour taste that was in my throat right now.
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Wrote 6 years ago
I'm sorry J
You should kick his a$$
-- Gwen --

Wrote 6 years ago
That's pretty sh.it
Feel better J,

Wrote 6 years ago
Ughh, that sucks, jenna. I'm so sorry. Rosewood guys are horrible :( -♥- Eloise

Wrote 6 years ago
{how do you know hoe to WRITE like this? Story up from yeserday(still havnt finished but read what i have) and the ones up from the day before}
Awe im sorry Jenna





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