Tuesday, April 27th
-Movie Night
In the backyard of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house, we will be hosting a fabulous movie night after a long day of classes. So grab your blanket and pillows and cuddle up to that cutie of yours as we lay out under the stars and watch our own outdoor movies. Even though you might not have your eye ona certain someone, it would be fun to get a fling on anyways. It's going to be a lot of fun, and don't forget the popcorn!

 "So, what are watching?" Danielle shrugged her shoulders, making her self comfortable on the blanket that was spread on the grass. I sat down on a blanket beside her.
 "Could be anything, most likely The Notebook" i groaned as i laid back on my pillows.
 "If they want a chick flick, pick Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman" Danielle laughed, picking up a pillow and hitting me with it.
 "Stop moaning and be quiet, the film is starting" i pouted and folded my arms over my chest, but i kept quiet as the opening scene came on. To my surprise, i recognised it as Pretty Woman. Feeling happier, i grabbed the popcorn me and Danielle were sharing and watched intently as Julia Roberts walked up to Richard Gere's parked car.
 An hour later, i was that engrossed in the film that i didn't even realise that Danielle was no longer beside me and in her place was Glenn, only realising when a masculine hand passed me the popcorn.
 "What the he.ll" i muttered, turning around to see Glenn smirking at me.
 "What are you doing?"
 "Same as you, watching Pretty Woman" i glared at him, not impressed with his smart-ass answer.
 "Where's Danielle" i asked, searching the garden for a glimpse of her blonde hair.
 "Somewhere with Nate. Now, how about you stop talking and let me watch the film. Julia Roberts is hot when she's sitting on the piano" He turned away from me and faced the screen, intently watching Julia on screen. I shook my head, holding back a smirk, before turning to watch the film myself.
 Soon enough, i found my eyes clsing slowly and i leant back on to what i thought was my pillow and let myself drop off to sleep.
 I felt myself being shaken and reluctantly opened my eyes, seeing most people stood up, blankets in hand. Turning around, i saw that i ad been lying on Glenn, not my pillows. Turning red, i stood up like a shot.
 "Sorry, i didn't realise. You should've moved me" Glenn stood up and walked towards me, shaking his head.
 "It's fine, felt just like old times, except usually you would've been naked" i slapped his arm as he smirked at me.
 "You always know how to ruin things, don't you?" he nodded, pulling me closer to him.
 "What can i say? It's a talent" and before i had a chance to reply, his lips crashed onto mine, causing me to gasp, allowing him to make the kiss deeper. I was going to resist, telling myself that i didn't need this but i founf myself doing the complete opposite. Dropping my pillow to the floor, i wrapped my arms around his neck, closing the small gap between our bodies. We stayed like this until we both pulled away.
 "I've missed you, i've missed this." he breathed into my ear, his breath hot on my neck. "I'm sorry for what happened between me and Cambree, it should never have happened." i pulled away from him, not wanting to hear what he was saying.
 "Don't, i don't want to hear the excuses" He grabbed my hand, stopping me from leaving.
 "Come to my room when we have the study hour, i want to explain" I nodded my head, not saying anything.
 "Thank you" he gave me one last kiss before walking out of the garden, leaving me standing in the garden on my own.
 "Kira, you coming in?" Danielle's voice roused me from my thoughts and i quickly picked up my things and made my way into the house.
 "Are you okay?" asked Danielle, slight worry in her voice. I nodded and gave her a smile, a fake smile that i'm sure she saw right through.
 "If your sure" nodding again, she sighed and made her way up the stairs, leaving me in the kitchen alone. Putting my things on the side, i headed straight for the freezer, pulling out a tub of ice cream.
 Sitting at the kitchen counter, i tried processing what was going on in my mind. I kissed Glenn, which was wrong but felt amazing. I agreed to go to his room, but what does he want, apart from to "talk".
 Taking one last mouthful of ice cream, i threw the spoon in the sink and headed up to my room, knowing full well i wouldn't be sleeping tonight.
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Wrote 7 years ago
awww, thank you so much.
i'm glad you like them!!!

Wrote 7 years ago
Stunning!!! Your sets are amazing dear!!!!
Love them all!!!!
Love your showcase too!!!!! Awesome!!!! :D

Wrote 7 years ago
owww sweeetness,, i adore this ♥♥♥



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