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Ten Things I Wish I Could Say To Ten Different People (but don't say their names)
1. You're handsome, amazing, Creative, and perfectly smart, what else i can get from you?
2. you're too pretty until im jell-ouse to you, bad!
3. you're my best friend. forever and ever
4. i hate you, you're a snob! 
5. you're ugly but you're smarttsss. Damn smart!
6. i hate you. a lot. but i pretend we're friends.
7. you're so cute!
8. love your dimples bad.
9. omg, you're bi*ch
10. skan*

Nine things about myself:
1. i love my boyfriend
2. i am a gleek. 
3. i am a dork
4. i love reading
5. i read 2 books a day
6. i love being such a good friend
7. i hate snob
8. i love to see people laugh
9. i laugh when i see people laugh because of my joke
Eight ways to win my heart in Relationships
1. nice hair. lol
2. cute personality
3. have a great smile
4. have a cute laugh
5. have a good joke
6. i feel comfortable with him even we didnt do anything.
7. he dont have to do anything
8. he have to be honest to me, cute, and kind.

Seven things that cross my mind alot.
1. im tired easily
2. i hate math
3. my life sux
4. im a good daydreamer
5. im creative
6. im unique
7. im proud of myself and i love my family.

Six things i do before i fall asleep.
1. wash my face
2. brush my teeth
3. daydreaming about my boyfriend, beetle, ; )
4. just sleep
5. brush my hair
6. pray to God

Five people who mean alot (in no order what so ever.)
1. My Beetle Bee. : ))))
2. Joanne
3 Clarissa
4. Frans
5. my family.

Four things your wearing right now.
1. pink baby doll
2. pants
3. glasses.
4. nothing

Three songs that you listen to often.
1. breath california - dressing room
2. story - great northern
3. glee music

Two things you want to do before you die.
1. marry beetle
2. become a director. [directing a movie]

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