sorry about the past 3 sets. i was messin aroundd with the mini editorr(x anywho, yeahh. i dont like this set, but i just wanted to blog a bitt:P OH, & sorry of i have typos, but i'm eating a strawberyy popsicle & im only typing with one hsand, & i dont really want to fix them xP

WELLSiESS,, SCHOOL STARTS iN FiVE DAYSSS! :O & im super excitedd, but nervous at the same time, cause i jkinda dont wanna be a frdhmann:L & i stilll have to pack my school bagg, but i dont wanna accept the fact thst summer's overr, SOO im not doing the packing till the day beforee, hahaaa♥

hmm. i got over my crush about a week ago. hes not that cute anymoree, lol. 

what elseee?

i just finished my popsiclee(; it was strawberryy, but i dropped a bit on my laptop. SO i must wipe it bc now its sticky. ;O

uhmm. im kinda excited to see my summer school friendss. <33 i miss themm, cause i havent talked to thme in FOREVVERRR, exceptt on facebook, WHiCH i do not count as talkingg. :P 

UHMSY UHMS. i ordered SO many thingss online for backtoschooll, & they STiLL HAVENT COME YETT. D: only some diidd. BUT im still waitinggg for my backpack & shoes & a few more clothes & stufff. & I WANT THEM BEFORE SCHOOL STARTSS! especially my bag, cause my old one ripped. ://
AND I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN MY DAMNN SCHEDULE YETT. im like, ragiing mad. bc they had an orientation, andgave us like, a map of the schoool.and i was looking over it, AND I DONT EVEN KNOW MY ROOM NUMBERS FOR MY CLASSES?! so how is the map supposed to help me if i dont even no WHERE IM SUPPOSED TO GO?!?!?! it's messedup. lmao, sorryy if i sounded like a jerk up theree^^^ i needed to let out my steamm.

trolololololololololololll, i need to pack to go to my daddys soon. :P but i dont wanna. i HATE packing. i still need to unpack from vacation, and we got back from vacation AWHILE AGO. it's pathetic.

lalalallllllll♥ i still have to do my summer homework. yess, im the procrastinating QUEEN. & if you try to steal my throne, i will SHOOT YOU DOWN. just kiidding. but if you're a procrastinator, you can be in my kingdom. ;D♥ 

WELL, that was my short RANDOM blog//update♥;O
& comment "KELLY iS THEE PROCRASTiNATiNG QUEEENNN" if you read this all. haha. ♥


comment && faveee♥

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