I LOVE Christmas shopping, I really do. ♥ So here are some ideas of things you can get for special peoplee(:

- if you have a grandma // aunt // mom that's all personal about things, make her something sweet.
- try taking a cute picture of just you & her, & get it framed or make a frame yourself(: 
- you can also make a mimi photo album, get her a locket with you & her in it, & things like that.(: 
- besides pictures, you can knit // embroider // sew her something. 
- write a poem or a story(: 
- make a POP-UP card. 
- bake her something special. 
- take her out to dinner // movie. 
- spend a girl's day out with her, YOUR treat. don't make her pay a thing. (try to find places you can WALK to then, so that she won't have to drive. ;D)
- helll, you can MAKE her a homemade video! 
- you can also buy a plain mug & decorate it yourself. 
- or you can make pottery, 
- just head to a nearby art store, & make anything, really(: be CREATiVE. ♥

- if your grandma // aunt // mom's not really like that, you can just as well buy her something. (; 
- perfumes & lotions are great, common gifts. ;p 
- try to listen througout the year for hints she may give, accidentally [OR on purpose (; ]. for EXAMPLE, if theres a hole in her favorite boot & she mentions it, buy her a new pair! ♥ 
- some other ideas are 
- clothing, 
- a purse, 
- jewelry, 
- a hat, 
- house supplies, (i dont even know why but my stepmom loves getting expensive cooking supplies for christmas)
- candles, 
- gift cards (bath &body works, etc), 
- DVD's // tapes that she wants (or likes. my mom LOVES "I love lucy") 
- hair products // supplies, 
- a tea set (complete with tea she might like), 
- a cute stocking with many adorable & inexpensive stocking stuffers(ie a teddy bear, etc.) (:

- sometimes these are a little harder to do. once again, though, if they're the sentimental type, see the list above. ;p
- if not, try some of these: a mug (decorated yourself, or premade), DVD's, homemade goods (the best way to a guy's heart is through their stomach! ;D), baseball cap or jersey, gift cards to stores like modells, etc; 

- these are pretty eaasy peasssyy. ;p
- get them a cute little stuffed animal, or baby's things, like a bib, a rattle, a cute little shirt, pajamas, shoes, hat, etc.
- get them a cute little toy that sings. xD
- just go to toys R us or babies R us & find something cute(:
- a pillowpet is adorablee(;

- sisters are fun to shop for, but they're a little more materialistic than moms, USUALLY, so i would go with buying something rather than making(;
- get them a really cute shirt from their favorite store.
- articles of clothing -- scarves, shirts, (jeans? sometimes that might be weird. xD), shoes, hats, sweaters // cardigans, pajamas, etc.
- perfumes // lotions.
- if you're really close & not on a budget, a bracelet from juicy couture would be really nice. they're a little less than $6O, & quite adorable(:
- an engraved necklace works, too. i'd say about $7O, ishh?
- gift cards to girly stores ;p 

- this is a pain in the neck for me. /:
- try baseball cards, a baseball hat, or something. sports equipment.
- sneakers? guys love them, IDK why, but they're a bit expensive.
- gift cards to game stores // shoe stores // sports stores work fine(:
- bake something nicee ♥

- if you have lots of friends, it may be a little difficult.
- lotions & perfumes are great. (:
- articles of clothing (see list for sisters)
- stocking stuffers in a cute little stocking. (;
- gift cardss ♥
- for okay -- not really great friends, you can just hand out candy canes(:
- make a collage of pictures of you together. put in cute quotes ♥ (ie. best friends? psshh, more like SiSTERS, ♥)

- these are HARD. <|3
- a videogame?
- try to listen to what they wantt. ;p
- jerseys? shirts? sneakers?
- some sort of toy? sports equipment?
- ask his friends // siblings for advice. ♥

- visa giftcards (but not babies, aha)
- pillowpets. ;D
- a stocking with cute little stocking stuffers
- personalized gifts. (ie, photo albums, etc.)
- a batch of baked goods(:
- a cute christmas ornament(:
- a snuggiee ♥

- if you're one of those people that has to give something to EVERYONE on christmas, try these small gifts;
- candy canes(:
- little cards
- pieces of candy
- small toys (ie. handball? rubber ball)
- bake batches of cookies & give them out 
- idk. aha. i can't think of anything else. xD

anyway, i really hope I've helped!
Happy shopping, 

love, kelly(:
comment & favee, please & thanks ♥
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