♔ Evelyn “Evie” Fontaine
- the one who has had to grow up quickly.
Age; 31
Bio; Growing up as the oldest child, Evie has never had to think about anyone else and puts herself first; not that she’s selfish though. With a thriving career in journalism and a hectic social life, Evie is constantly on the go and having fun, but when she got the phone call to say her mother was killed in a car accident, her life slowly began to come undone. Faced with the fact that she is now in charge of her younger sister, Evie is panicking and finding her life is more complicated than ever with her demanding career on the rise, a determined ex who wants to be back in her life and a teenager in the mix. Will Evie be able to cope with the pressure or will she crumble under her new found responsibilities looking after someone other than herself? 
Status; she’s not quite sure.
Life quote; Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
Looks; Rachel McAdams
Taken by; CrazyGiraffe♥


 “Evelyn, dear. This piece is amazing, I want to frame it.” I smiled gratefully up from my desk at my editor, Cassandra, who was beaming. “This is definitely getting published in this month’s edition. Well done.”
 “Thank you Cassandra, that means a lot to me.” She smiled again before walking away from desk and into her office. As soon as her door had shut, Melissa glided over, a smug grin on her face.
 “I told you it was good.” I rolled my eyes.
 “Fine, you did. Are you happy now?” She nodded, smiling widely.
 “Sure am. Do you know what this means?” I raised an eyebrow but shook my head. “It means celebration time.”
 “You’ll do anything for a drink, won’t you?” Melissa feigned shock. 
 “Moi?” Rolling my eyes, I stood up from my desk. 
 “How about drinks at the new bar that’s opened down the street, it doesn’t look too dressy so we can go straight from here?” Melissa nodded.
 “You’re on, I’ll tell the others.” I nodded before grabbing my coat, deciding I needed a treat for my excellent work.
 “Any of you guys want any pastries from the new patisserie?” 

[A couple of hours later.]

 “So, are you coming?” I looked up at Melissa, who was just fixing her lipstick in her pocket mirror.
 “Just a second, I need to finish this sentence. And it is…” Typing quickly, I finished within seconds. “Done. We can go now.” I grabbed my coat and purse and stood up, quickly falling into step with Melissa.
 “Evelyn, I need to see you for a minute.” I sighed and turned around to face Cassandra, who was at her office door.
 “Can’t it wait?” The look that Cassandra gave me answered the question. Turning to Melissa, I frowned. “Wait two minutes.” She nodded and sat down, picking up last month’s edition of the magazine we had lying around.
 Walking into Cassandra’s office, I stood awkwardly. “So, what’s up?”
 “I have someone on the phone who wants to speak to you.” She passed me the receiver and I took it hesitantly, not sure what was going on.
 I dropped the receiver as I got the news. My mother was dead. Gone. Six feet under.
 “I'm so sorry Evelyn. If there is anything I can do.” I shook my head and shakily stood up, everything a blur to me.
 “I have to see my sister, I have to be with her.”
 “I’ll arrange a car for you.” Shouted Cassandra but I was already out the office and running towards the elevator.
 “Evie, what’s up?” I ignored Melissa as I continually pressed the button.
 “Come on, come on.” As soon as the doors opened I ran in, pressing the ground floor. I could see Melissa coming towards me but I couldn’t think properly. All I knew was that i had to see my sister and make sure she was okay.
 Reaching the ground floor, I ran through the main building, dodging people as they passed, even ignoring Patrice, the lovely security guard. Hailing a taxi, I opened the door and quickly shut it behind me.
 “the airport please.” The taxi man nodded and I sat back in the seat and let the tears fall. Sobbing silently, I wrapped my arms around myself as I realised that my life had completely changed.

 My mother was dead and I had a sister to look after. 

 The tears falling harder and faster, I shoved the driver a handful of money and raced out of the taxi, entering the airport and heading straight for the ticket desk.
 “A ticket to New York please.” The attendant smiled brightly at me but I couldn’t smile back. Thanking her as she booked my ticket, I headed for the departure lounge and took a seat near the window.

 As I watched the planes take off and land, I knew once I got on this plane, my life was never going to be the same again.

And I could do nothing to stop it.
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