Daisy; Tuesday
[this is only the first part. ♥one_vampire_girl♥ will post the second part :)]

I walked into the porthole, my eyes scanning the restaurant for Milla. I found her sitting at a small table and i made my way over, sitting in the seat across from her and giving a small smile, "Hey."
"Hey, Daisy."
"So, how are you?" 
"Good, busy. You?" She asked, picking up her water glass.
I pealed off my coat and scarf before answering, "I'm alright. Trying to get used to the freezing cold."
"Me too. Did you just move here?"
"Pretty much."
"Where from?" She asked.
I looked around, trying to catch the eye of a waiter. I needed a drink. Finally, i signaled one over, "Hi, can i get a vodka and cranberry?"
He nodded, "Sure."
"So, where did you move from?" Milla asked again.
"Eagle Bay, you?"
"I'm from New York too."
"Oh, that's nice." Not. I wanted my drink. 
"Why do i get the impression that you don't really think that's nice?" She smiled.
I shrugged, "I don't really care where you came from."
"Hey, you asked," I looked around again for the waiter, "Where the f.ck is my drink?"
"I'm sure it'll only be a minute," She murmured. 
I glared at her, "You're kind of annoying, you know that."
"Oh wow, thanks. And you're kind of a b.tch." 
"I get that a lot."
"And that does not surprise me at all," She still had a smile on her face. 
The waiter finally came and set down my drink and i eyed Milla as i took a sip. She was gorgeous, there was no doubt about it. She was dressed nice too. 
"So, ready to order?" She asked me, setting down her menu.
"Actually, i think i'll skip out on the rest of the meal, it was nice meeting you Milla," I sent her an obviously fake smile as i reached to get my coat back on. I wasn't in the mood to sit through a meal where i had to fake nice.
"You can't fool me Daisy."
I stopped, looking at her, "What?"
"Just sit and have lunch with me, why is that so hard?"
I set my coat back down, "Fine, you want lunch then lets order, i'm starving."
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