If a young lady held her fan to her lips, it begged a kiss

Carrying in right hand in front of face meant follow me
Carrying in left hand meant desiring an aquaintance

Dropping it meant friendship only

Drawing it across her eyes meant an apology

The fan placed near the heart signaled You have won my love

Did she hide the eyes behind an open fan ~ I love you

Opening and closing the fan several times ~ You are cruel

Drawing through her hand ~ I hate you

Drawing across the eyes ~ I am sorry

Letting the fan rest on the left cheek signaled no
Letting the fan rest on the right cheek signaled yes

Fan opened wide meant wait for me

Fanning slowly meant I am married

Fanning quickly meant I am engaged

Twirling the fan in left hand ~ I wish to get rid of you
Twirling in right hand ~ I love another

Drawing across the forehead
~ You are being watched ~
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