For my 13 Obsessions collection:
One of my biggest obsessions ever... HIGH HEELS! I love using them, I recently got a black pair that is really similar to the ones in the set! I love those shoes....

Talking about something else, today was an awful day! I really want to forget the whole morning! it was just epic! Fortunately, the afternoon wasn't too bad... Today I began again my French classes... our teacher is a really weird woman and most of my classmates are new students, so I was really uncomfortable during class period, anyway, the only thing that made my day a little bit better was a guy... we're classmates since the last trimester and I think I like we went home together (since we live in the same neighborhood) and he walked me home, usually I take a cab to home, but he forced me to ride a bus, it was awkward because I was using the highest heels I have, but he hold my bag and helped me... it was cute.. *sigh*
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