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Saturday: Easton Academy has organized a scavenger hunt for us students tonight. Billing’s girls will be heading into the Ketlar house and vice-versa, while Bradwell girls will be heading into the Dreck dorms. The first group to win the scavenger hunt gets 5 more credits added to their final.

"Done!" I called out to no one particular. I was in the Dreck dorms and I checked off the last item that was on the scavenger hunt list. Sure, scavenger hunts might sound juvenile, I had fun. Well it only fun for me because I had won. 

Breathless, Oceane saw me and came to me. "No way! Man, how did you finish this so fast? And you're wearing heels!" she asked. She was my new roommate and I couldn't be happier about it. 

I shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant, when really I was excited to finally win something here. "I don't know, I guess I'm competitive."

Oceane, who was still shocked I had gotten everything on the list, smiled. "There's no way I'm going to finish this. Should I just quit it?"

I shook my head ferociously. I was still in the "I-just-won-a-scavenger-hunt-and-I'm-pumped-with-energy" phase. "You should definitely try to finish, I'd hurry if I were you, the other girls look like they might be done soon." 

And right when I said that, I heard three distinct voices call out, "Done!", "I got them all!", "Finished!" at the same time.

Oceane winced. "I don't know, is the prize even worth it?"

"I don't even know what the prize is," I said truthfully. I had just won a scavenger hunt game, so now, I'm left thinking: What was the prize?

"It better be good, that's for sure." Oceane sighed. 

I tugged on my hair. "Whatever the prize is still won't be as good as being a Billings girl. " I lamented.

"Oh, Roman, are you still sad about that? We're practically on top of the Bradwell girls." she assured me.

I didn't know what to say. I wasn't jealous that Mari became a Billings girl. She really deserved it and she's the sweetest person I know, next to Oceane, but I was still sad about not getting in. I was really confused as to why Joan, of all people, got in. She's the rudest person I know, I think. 

The happiness that I had minutes ago suddenly ended. "Hm, maybe next year I'll get a chance." I mumbled.

Oceane didn't seem disappointed. And if she was, she didn't look like it. "Next year? Why wait till next year? We can own the Bradwells /now/." 

My spirits lifted a little. "Who knows, you better go finish the hunt, I'll wait for you, okay?" I changed the subject.

Oceane winked and left. 

I caught up with Mari after the hunt was officially over.

"Congrats on winning!" she hugged me. 

"Thanks," I said. "I should reward myself with some coffee." Lately, coffee was becoming more of a treat, not an addiction. And I was happy about that. 

She looked scatterbrained, like she felt out of place. "You should," she said,

"Hey, so, how's life being a Billings girl? Is it glitz and glamor and perfect and..." I went on and on.

She shook her head. "It's not as great as you think." she confessed.

"Why not?"

Then she began explaining. "Well, for one, Yasmin isn't even nice to me, not that I expected her to be...and..." 

We spent the rest of the hour talking about Mari and Mari's new 'perfect' life as a Billings girl and Mari's problems and Mari's this, and Mari's that. I know she didn't want to sound like she was hogging the conversation, but she was. The whole time, I couldn't help but think if she actually knew I was there, as a friend, or just a person to talk to. I wonder if things will go back to normal.

xx Ro

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