Yeah Toms my Liam. He looks so bad boy in those pictures ;)

Free day. No classes nor are there any events so i think i am going to use my time wisely and go visit Liam since it's been about a week since i last saw him.As hard as it may seem to the eye, i love him with all my heart I just don't like showing it in public. My privet live stays privet but because of this people think i am a cheap deal and me and him have a type of "friends with benefits" kind of relationship which is kind of ironic since i am waiting for marriage. The only problem i would say we genially have is that we fight fire with fire.Our anger is lethal and believe me, the arguments and fights we get into sometimes involved the police having to come round. We never use our fists. And he knows if he even dared touched me like that i would run.The arguments are always stimulated by mine and his trust issues. He is the man i trust most yet knows so little about past. If the anger is based on trust issues then theres no need for the fists.
I got my phone out of my pocket and text Liam.
~Coming over yours in about 10-20 minuets. Miss you. Poppy x~
After pushing send it only took 30 seconds for him to text back 
~Okay darl missed you too.Be quick. Liam x~
I smiled as i pushed my phone back into my pocket and started to leave my dorm rooming heading for the reception. Lucky i was one of those few who had a single dorm but there were a few others on my floor who were a bit rowdy and i know theres a fight coming soon.Can't people be more respectful?
"What brings you hear then Poppy ?Going of campus i see ?" Mrs Gregson had already got the book for me to sign out.
"Oh urm yeah"
"Just sign here them my lovley"
I signed the book and then walked straight out my face already having a little smile on.
"Hey darling!" Liam just made that sentence out as i ran to him and hugged.
"Hey" was all i could manage out as i let go off him.
"How ya been ? It feels like ages since i last saw you. He grabbed my hand and headed into the living room. Liam lived with his mum in a three bedroom house just a 10 minuet walk from the academy, to my luck.His dad was never around. Left his mother Diana while she was pregnant with him and has never been heard of every since.
"I know but hey, i want to make progress and the academy as done me a great deal." i said as i sat on his lap and rested my hear on his neck.
"Yeah but i never see you no more,"I looked up to see a frown on his face.It broke my heart.
"What about i make it up to you.Theres a party in the woods tomorrow night that the administration no NOTHING about,Why don't you come along to.Everyones going were gonna get wasted,"
I smiled up at him." Some of the other girl you know are coming too i think. Like Echo shes a junior as well." i tried putting on my puppy eyes which i new he could not resist.
"Okay then i will just for you but you don't need to make anything up for me darl," I looked back down kissed my forehead and switched on the T.V. And thats how we stayed till 10:00 when curfew dawned.

It's late i know.
It's sappy i know.
Meh i still have another part to right. ^_^
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