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Wednesday Addams, especially the character as acted by Christina Ricci, is SO AWESOME! She is a hero - she won't allow anyone to tell her who she should be, and she won't allow peer pressure to make her change her behavior. 

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In Charles Addams's cartoons, Wednesday and other members of the family had no names. When the characters were adapted to the 1964 television series, Charles Addams gave her the name "Wednesday", based on the well-known nursery rhyme line, "Wednesday's child is full of woe". She is the sister of Pugsley Addams (and, in the movie Addams Family Values, also the sister of Pubert Addams), and she is the only daughter of Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams.
[edit] Appearance and Personality

Wednesday is originally a pale, dark-haired, grim-looking little girl with a fascination with death and the macabre. She is explicitly stated to be six years old in the series' pilot episode. In the 1960s Television series, she is significantly more sweet-natured, although her favorite hobby is raising spiders; She is also a ballerina. Wednesday's favorite toy is her Marie Antoinette doll, which her brother guillotined. In one episode, she is shown to have several other headless dolls as well. She also paints pictures (including a picture of trees with human heads) and once writes a poem dedicated to her favorite pet spider, Homer. Wednesday is deceptively strong; she is able to bring her father down with a judo hold.

Wednesday had a close kinship with the family's giant butler Lurch. In the TV series, it was revealed that her middle name is "Friday". In the Spanish language version, her name is Merlina Addams (Latin America) or Miércoles Addams (Spain). In the Brazilian version (Portuguese), her name is Wandinha and in Italy her name is Mercoledì (Wednesday in italian)..
“ Child of woe is wane and delicate...sensitive and on the quiet side, she loves the picnics and outings to the underground caverns...a solemn child, prim in dress and, on the whole, pretty lost...secretive and imaginitive, poetic, seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums...has six toes on one foot...
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