(this is like a blog thing where i'm just going to talk about school and FNO).

oh my god. today was my official first day of school since yesterday was only two hours long, and i swear to god... i am actually furious. no- i'm really upset. what the hell did i do to deserve this? honestly. i am just speechless on how /TERRIBLE/ today was. ugh, i hate my school so much, i can't even begin to explain to you.

so these were my wishes for sophomore year.
1. get classes with my close friends.
2. have my old spanish teacher.
3. get creative writing as my elective.
4. get a waver for gym, so i can get out of it and have a free period.
5. not have people i despise in my classes.

and you know what came true?

none of it. yes, that's right, /NONE OF IT/.

1. none of my close friends are in my classes. except for one class with my best friend.
2. i have a new spanish teacher, whom i effing despise.
3. i didn't get into creative writing because my school effed up everyone's schedule's and people's electives got all messed up. 
4. the gym teachers are now being /verrrry/ strict about gym, and you have to be on a team to get out of gym. which i am not. i take tennis lessons, but it's not an actual /team/. ugh, i'm going to die.
5. i hate so many people in my classes...........

yeah, so my life sucks currently. but i have a PLAN.

1. i still haven't gone to my math, history, and english class, so i am PRAYING that i have at least good people in those classes.
2. i emailed my advisor so hopefully i can switch out of the class.
3. i applied to switch out of my elective currently, (black and white photography which is okay, but the teacher is badddd), to creative writing because they have effing spots open....
4. i'm willing to join my school's freakin' bowling team to get out of gym, ahah. but i'm going to see if i can join a gymnastics team out of school, because i'm super flexible and i've always liked gymnastics.
5. well, i can't do anything about my science class, (ughhhhh), but i still have three classes i haven't gone to yet. PRAYING.

oh my god, i honestly hope the five things above come true, it would mean the world to me. 


honestly, it wasn't as amazing as i thought it would be, which kind of sucks. it was SO crowded, that's the annoying thing about NYC. so, first me and a couple friends went around Soho, and Pauly D was there with Kim Kardashian at DASH, but the line was so long that it really wasn't worth it. So me and my friend tried to win this $100 gift card but it was taking too long, so we left. BUT THEN, AN AMAZING THING HAPPENED. there was a line to meet the VS models, but we didn't wait because the line was pretty long, but then the VS models came outside and we were right in front of them. They had security, obviously, but ASDFGHJK. There was Adriana Lima, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, and someone else, but I didn't see quick enough who it was... But seriously, they are SO gorgeous in real life. Like even more gorgeous than on photos. I honestly didn't even think that was possible until I saw them! They're super tall too, ahah. After, me and my friends went to Express and waited on line, and got pictures with ANTM former models who are going to be on the next season. Only three were there though. We got a picture with Alison Harvard and Bianca Golden, even though I didn't even recognize Bianca, because during the show she had short hair. They were super sweet, though Alison is kind of creepy in real life, no joke. She's so gorgeous, but her eyes are so big and her hair is so platinum! Then Alexandria (eugh) was there as well, I hated her during the show.... and she was on this moving catwalk thing, so I didn't take a picture or talk to her, but I didn't even want to, so it's fine, hahah. Though, Alexandria cut her hair short, and she's insanely gorgeous in real life. 

Here are the pictures on Facebook, that Express uploaded. 


And then we just got some more free stuff, and then went home, haha. But TODAY. So today is obviously Fashion Week, and me and my friend went there today, and there was this Teen Vogue hotspot. They had free food, and the funniest thing ever, is they had a contest on POLYVORE. I was like, nooooooooooooooo. But then I found out that if you win you get a $500 gift certificate, and then I was like, EFF YES. but you couldn't log on or anything, it was just the items they gave you and a blank set. meh. But it's cool, no one else knew how to work it, so mine was precise and even, haha. HOPEFULLY I'LL WIN! And then SHAY MITCHELL CAME! Emily, from Pretty Little Liars! She looks the same on television, hahah, she's so gorgeous! And I was talking to one of the women who works at Teen Vogue, and she was trying to help me get an internship :D But then Shay came, so she didn't have time to give me the details :/ But my friend and I are coming back tomorrow in totally glam outfits, since they is all these fashion bloggers there taking photos, models and because i need to go back to the Teen Vogue hot spot.

So, yeah.
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