HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @akafashionqueen! BIG 16!! I knew I had to write a little thing for you.

So who shares my love for Project Runway, and Anya / Olivier? Who has some of the most fabulous sets ever? Who is going to start sewing soon and make beautiful clothing that I will be envious of? THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S NICYA. You're turning 16 now, and I hope you have a fab birthday with lots of fun! I wish I could've made you a set dedicated to you, but I needed to make a Tanner set, haha. So this'll have to do... for now. Anyhoo', I know I can always turn to do for ranting about Project Runway, fashion, and sewing things. You have fabulous style, and an amazing wardrobe (from what I've heard), I wish you were at my school so we could whip out our bamf outfits that we made ourselves ;) But for now, have a fab birthday, get lots of money for shopping, and HAVE FUN <3 Love youuu <333


I'M CONFUSED. On Tuesday's event it says we're flying out there, but then on Thursday's event, it says we're driving... @urban-barbie. I guess we're driving then!

Thursday: We’re driving all the way to San Francisco, it’ll be a long drive, so we’ll get there late at night. So get a goodnight sleep, you’ll need it. Tomorrow’s where the day begins.

I dug my fingers into the leather seat, careful not to leave any nail marks or Barbie will be on my ass. A few of us were crammed into Barbie's Barbie-like car. Small as fuck in a blinding shade of pink. 

"Why is she in the car?" Mackie whined, nudging towards me.

"Because we're all going together," Barbie hissed, talking about me like I wasn't even there. Figures. So I lit a smoke, and took a long drag, wanting to already rip my hair out for asking Barbie for a ride. How could I be so damn stupid? I should've known this would be one hell of a ride. Emphasizing the word, hell.

"Stop smoking Tanner, the smoke is making me cough," Odette shot me a rude look, while coughing. What a baby. I threw the cigarette out the window, then realized what I just did. I just fucking gave up. I didn't even say a word, this is so not like me. So I lit another cigarette, Odette's eyebrows knitting together.

"Are you deaf? I said stop smoking." She spat, smoothing down her skirt.

"Are you my mother? No, you're fucking not." I mimicked her tone. 

"No fighting back there," Barbie looked at us in the mirror, "I don't want my backseat getting all fucked up!"

"Whatever," I scoffed, taking a long drag. I spent the next long, long hours receiving rude looks from Odette, even after I put out my cigarette. There was something about her that was malicious, it just seemed like it. But I ignored her, moving as close to the door as I could get. 

We passed the 'Welcome to San Francisco' sign, receiving cheers from Mackie.

"Finally," Was all I could mutter. I needed a beer.

I knew this was going to be a /verry/ long trip.

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