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Now and then I'd stare at my new hair. Having brunette hair made me feel closer to my mother, even though she wasn't my actual mother. Every time I thought of mom, or Kasia to the rest of the world, I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I'd start off really happy. I would think of all the good times I had with her. Then I'd start missing her, naturally. Eventually I'd think of Veronica and how close she was with Kasia. Then that would make me think of everything that had happened in the last two years. Mom dying, Veronica trying to take her place, me being controlled by Veronica in every possible way. Though I had stopped shedding tears over my mother's death, I still loved and missed her. But a part of me was really angry. Why did she have to die? And I knew it was selfish of me to think this, but why did she have to die and leave me all alone? What had I done to deserve that?

But mostly I was angry with Veronica. She ruined everything. I tried to shake the negative thought away. I looked at my hair in the mirror again. With this new hair, I could be whoever I wanted to be. I repeated that sentence to myself over and over again, forcing myself to do something about it. And doing something about would mean finding my place in my new "community". I had been living in Coronado for a month now and still hadn't found a job. 

/Today is the day I will find a job./ I scribbled the words on my left wrist. 

Upon realizing I probably needed an ID and other important certificates or papers to qualify for any job, I smiled to myself with relief. Thank goodness I hadn't run away without my purse. It contained every important legal document I could possibly need. I kept my purse in my built-in bedroom closet, the only closet in my entire apartment. My place was still pretty empty and drab-looking. Clearly if I didn't have enough money to purchase a substantial or nutritious meal, I did not have the money to furnish my new home, let alone even /think/ about decorating it yet. But I could put off worrying about furnishing my apartment, because it wasn't like I had any friends or anything to invite over. 

I grabbed my purse and noticed I had received /another/ message from Veronica. She called and texted every single day and it'd been a month already. Wouldn't she have given up by now? It angered me even more that she hadn't stopped. I was worried too. What if they found me? The thought also brought me comfort though. Veronica and the search teams cared about me. Of course they didn't /care/ care about me. They still probably just wanted to make money off of me. I used to be everyone's celebrity child breadwinner. Nonetheless, people still cared about me. It was a bittersweet feeling.

I left my house and turned the corner. On a large billboard sign was a picture of me. Well, the /old/ me, to be exact. Melody Xi. Long, wavy blonde hair and an outrageous amount of airbrushed makeup. Plastered next to my face were the words, "HAVE YOU SEEN ME?" There was a contact number underneath and some information on me. It was all up there. Eyes: Blue, Hair: Blonde, along with my weight and height. There was also the address of the place where I was last seen, at the studio where I'd been filming my new TV show. 

I looked around and suddenly felt /very/ exposed. Anyone could find me now! Everything about me was on that billboard. Maybe it wasn't so bad...after all, the photo of me was heavily Photoshopped. Plus my hair was no longer blonde, thankfully. I definitely didn't wear that much makeup anymore, hardly any. If I was careful, no one would be able to identify me. I was safe, to a degree. Once I came to that stress-relieving conclusion, I resumed walking with a renewed sense of purpose, trying my best to blend in with the crowd. I wasn't Melody Xi. I was Melody Acosta. I was anybody. I was a nobody. I could become a somebody.

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