I love this gown. : )

1. Half full or half empty? As you pour its half full. As you drink its half empty. : )
2. Neons or pastels? Pastels. I love the softness.
3. Meat or seafood? Seafood. Even though I refer to crabs and lobster as water spiders cause thats what they look like, they are still mouth watering numminess!
4. City or country side? Country most def. Clean and quiet.
5. Horror or Comedy? I love horror flicks as long as they are Not gorey. But Sandra B makes some great comedys. : )
6. Forest or sea? Forrest. I love the smell, sounds and feel.
7. Summer or winter? Fall is my fav. But Winter comes second.
8. Asian or Mexican food? Asian as long as its not raw in anyyyyy way.
9. Jeans or skirt? I cant choose. I love both.
10. Up in the air or down on the ground? Planted firmly on the ground Thank You.
11. Run or bike? Running or horseback riding.
12. Heels or boots? Boots but I love a gorgeous set of heels.
13. Sms or call? Call. I like to hear a voice. More expressive.
14. One best friend or many acquaintances? If I have to choose Id say one best friend. But I love meeting and hearing the lives and goings on of new people. So interesting.
15. Early bird or late bird? Always early.
16. Sunglasses or nerd glasses? Both
17. Coffee or tea? Coffeeeeee
18. Give or receive? Give. Always
19. Chocolate or liquorice? Ooooooo I love both but I guess Id have to go with Chocolate.
20. Wine or beer? Beer. I love a good dark imported beer once in a while in the Summer. Not much of a drinker tho.
21. Less is more or more is more? Less is more.
22. Romantic or realist? Romantic although Ive been told I think so logical all the time. A girl can dream. : )
23. Fame or knowledge? Knowledge.
24. Wealthy or happy? Happiness is the key to wealth.
25. Friends or lovers? A lover should be your best friend first in my book. So Ill say friends.
This was a fun survey!! : )

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Wrote three years ago
lovely dress

Wrote 5 years ago
: ) xxoo

Wrote 5 years ago
I agree with you - and you've inspired me to put a little collection together of some of the questionnaire sets I've made! http://www.polyvore.com/questionnaire_sets/collection?id=1482442

Wrote 5 years ago
Ty ladies : ) @belldraw I wish all you ladies would do some surveys like this with interesting tidbits about yourselves. Its so interesting to know your likes and dislikes and makes it easy to make sets as gifts : )





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