Ol ; She had grown up with an abusive father and a mother who couldn't stand up for herself. Everything was hard in her life, everything except for dance. Since she was a little girl, she had always dreamed of dancing with a ballet company. As she got older, her dancing got better, and was so good to the point where Juliard gave her a scholarship. Her mother, who was always her biggest supporter, told her to go, so she did. She studied at school before getting signed with one of the most prestigious company's in the world at the age of 2O. After dancing with the company for five years, her career ended when she broke her kneecap. After taking a year off for rehabilitation, she decided to retire from the company. Several months later, she opened up her own studio and became a successful teacher. One girl out of the 3O that she taught had stuck out to her. She was small and had a hard time following along with the others, she was always embarrassed around the other students. One day after class, the young girl's father was running late to pick her up, so the young instructor took her back to floor and practiced with her. The girl's father, close to the age of the 3O, who was also a widower, agreed to allow his daughter to stay after class to get private help. Months flew by, and the instructor and the father started falling in love with each other, and the young girl looked up to the woman as if she was her mother. How does the rest of their story play out? 

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It had been about four-five months since Emmet and Catherine started dating, and two since they had moved in together. Catherine thought dance was the only thing that could make her happy, but she was wrong, waking up to her boyfriend and snuggling under the sheets to get closer to him in the morning was one of the happiest moments in her life. It was about 4:3O when Catherine and Macy had arrived to their brownstone in Boston. Macy was resting on her hip, tutu on with her face resting on Catherine's shoulder. Catherine grabbed the mail before pushing the little gate open. The walked up the little stone pathway to the front door, and, after reaching into her purse, Catherine unlocked the door. Setting the precious little girl down on her feet, she unzipped her coat and kissed her head. " Head upstairs and I will be up in a few minutes to help you change. " The little girl obediently listened, and Catherine watched her run up the stairs as she hung up her own coat. Walking into the master suite, she set her purse down on the chaise and walked over to the large, walk-in closet. lO minutes later, she had on navy blue leggings, a red tanktop, and a gray Penn sweatshirt. Catherine braided her hair before slipping on some gray moccasins and walking across the hall to Macy's room. The blonde little girl was half asleep on her bed when she walked in. Grabbing little gray sweatpants and a pink long sleeved shirt from the closet, she carefully changed the little girl. Deciding that they both could use a nap, she picked up Macy and brought her over to hers and Emmet's bed. Pulling the covers back, she laid the girl down first before laying down herself. As soon as she layed down, the little girl cuddled into her arms, and the both fell asleep waiting for Emmet to get home.
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