For "Why Do I Love You?" Contest:

1. Make a set for the person your tagged with.
2.Write why you love that person who you are tagged with.
3. Tag other people with thier biases.

I was tagged by @jenny-ism in this beautiful set:

ok, so I'm back! I'm back in my city for summer, and it has been great since I came here, unfortunately I got bad news related to my mom's health, I'm so sad, but I'm trying to be happy so she can feel better, but anyways.... I'll be strong and try to cheer her up and yeah...

ok, so for the tag I got AJ! First of all I love him cause he's intelligent, talented and you know what, girls? I know he's not really handsome (he even accepted so) but he's so attractive! and his songs are amazing! I'm so in love with Believe right now, that song came out in the perfect moment! hahaha and yeah I'm pretty bad at explaining why do I love him... T_T I'm sorry, my brain is kinda useless now! haha I won't tag anyone cause I don't know who has already been tagged! I need to catch up with Poly now!
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