by @that-blue-eyed-girl 

Just some things that i've been noticing coming in style from watching runway shows, the streets, and store's incoming stock.

1. Sheer
Anything sheer has been in for a while. chiffon type, light materials are gorgeous and so nice for the summer. Wearing bright bandeaus under them has also been really popular.

Colored denim
I personally don't like colored jeans, but it appears they'll be big again this year. pastel colors more though, like pink and yellow, rather then colors like purple and blue and red. colored shorts are really popular too.

Tropical floral
I've been seeing this a lot with the jason wu for target collection and a lot on forever 21 as well. It's less the "granny floral" now.

Anything with a collar
on the runway, so many garments have collars right now! classic, peterpan, self tie.... so cute and really dresses up an outfit!

for a 2nd year this is still in. I've been seeing a lot where the bottom like 4 inches of a top is a different color.

Pyramid bracelets 
These are everywhere :) they're great for stacking, another trend :)

Boyfriend watches
I love these!! target, amazon, and department stores have great ones. most are Michael kors inspired! They're just big, chunky watches. I would stack them with other girly bracelets to soften the look :)
High waisted shorts
I see these evveeerryyyywhere. I think they look best with sweaters and collared tops tucked in. H&M has great ones and if all else fails, pick up a pair of mom jeans from your local thrift store and cut them! They turn out so cute! 

Strappy sandals
Not really strappy, just those that criss-cross instead of the regular t strap

If you watch any of the spring shows (these blend into summer, as do the fall ones a tad), you'll notice that true white has become a really popular color. white on white too.

Ribbon lace oxfords
I see these everywhere now. They give a girly touch to an old man shoe :) 

I loveee studded loafers :) forever 21, urbanog, urbanoutfitters, and target are all selling really cute loafers :) 

Studded anything
especially collars and the pocket of shorts. it gives a rough edge to things :)

ahh I love pastels ♥ they're everywhere. Mint, baby pink, and light yellow are the main ones i've been seeing.

Hope this helps some of you!!! sorry if i forget anything 

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