She is the dear one, the one that walks the Earth as though walking on clouds.
This Earth with it's hardships was not for her, so she wished herself upon another world.
Her wish was magical, little did she know, she had the magic within her, so, she did not really know, her wish could be so.
But it was, as soon as the wish entered her head, she vanished into the other realm, a world all her very own.
A beautiful castle in the skies, the stars were jewels the sun, an icy moon.
She had it all, beauty, youth, jewels as lights..and yet....
she was alone, for love is not a wish.
Alone in the icy skies till her loneliness overwhelmed her and she walked down the long icy path, way down below her kingdom, to finally rest at last.
 At the end of the path, she knelt in happiness because she saw a face under the ice...she leaned in close hoping to have a companion, a lover, a friend...only when she finally could see the image,
 it was her staring back at her, dead eyes, staring at dead eyes.
So the moral of this story is, be careful what you wish for, for the magic is within all of us, and sometimes, wishes do come true.
Words and Set by Linda Caricofe
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