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Hannah Darval; July 22

“I can do it on my own Dean.” I told my manager for what felt like the millionth time. We were sitting in the living room of my house, pretty much because he insisted on meeting as soon as I got back and I was refusing to leave the house for at least a week. A girl always needs her down time.

“I know you could.” He told me patiently, “But it’s not the right time.” Which is what he’d been saying since I’d first brought it up.

“Bullshit.” I told him, tucking my legs up under my skirt on the arm chair I was perched in. “You’ve been saying that for a year. When is the right time?”

“Hannah,” Dean sighed, leaning forward in his own chair, “You’re biggest issue is going to be your image. I’m sure Samantha has told you this before.”

“My image as in my relationship?” I asked skeptically, “For the millionth time you cannot control my personal life-”

“That’s not what I meant.” He interjected, hiding a smile, “I mean the fact you want to make serious music yet you’re a member of a girl group. You have to make them take you seriously first.”

“How am I meant to do that,” I asked sullenly “If I stay in the damn band singing about boys and wearing next-to-nothing.” 

“It’s not that bad Hannah.” He chided gently though I knew it was true. Compared to most ‘girl groups’ we were pretty modest. Still I didn’t have to like it.

“Fine. But tell me then what do I need to do to change my image?” I sighed, resigned to trusting him for the time being. I suppose this was his job.

“This is more Samantha’s area than mine,” He shrugged rather helplessly. Well wasn’t that useful.

“Then why are you bringing it up?” I asked dryly, tapping my toes against the arm of the chair.

“Because you listen to me more than Samantha.” He pointed out with a smirk though it was true. That woman loved to nag, nag, nag. Sometimes I wondered how Jess managed to put up with her. I knew I only did because Samantha and Dean were pretty much a matched set. “Musically speaking though I’d suggest maybe featuring with other artists here and there. Get yourself out there more as Hannah Darval instead of the main girl in Celestial.”

“I thought that’s what all the magazine covers and interviews were for.”

“Musically speaking.” He told me like it was the most obvious thing in the world, “Just let me pick your projects carefully. We don’t want you to end up as the next Nicole Scherzinger.”

“Please,” I scoffed with a flick of my hair, “I’m much more talented then her.”

“That’s not my point Hannah,” he said like I was trying his patience. He wasn’t serious though. The man totally adored me even if he was gruff and condescending about it sometimes, “Yes you are. Let’s be honest here though you took the first contract you were offered as part of a girl group. If you’d held out you’d be a grammy winning solo artist by now. I’d bet money on it.”

“I know that.” I groaned, letting my head whack the back of the seat, “You’ve told me that a million times before. I’d just like to point out I was 16 then and somehow managed to talk my reluctant legal guardian into agreeing. I wasn’t thinking this far ahead.”

“It’s you’re own fault.” He said unsympathetically, “You’ll get there someday I promise. We just have to carefully move past the girl group stereotype.”

“Beyonce did it.” I pointed out, lifting my head to look at him.

“Yes she did.” He agreed pleasantly, “ and for every Beyonce there are 50 Geri Halliwells.” 

“Who?” I asked, head cocked in confusion. What language was he talking now. Though that might just be his point.

“She was a Spice Girl.” Came a matter of fact voice from just above my shoulder. I craned my head back to see Steane standing just behind my chair smirking at me. When he’d got here I had no idea.

“Exactly.” Dean nodded, beginning to gather his stuff, “Look we’ll sort this soon Hannah I promise. For now just show up for that magazine shoot and interview next week and try not to let the public know you’re unsatisfied with your career. Can you do that for me?”

“I guess I can.” I sighed, standing up so I could show him out, “But only for you.” I added with a grin.

“That’s all I ask then.” He nodded as we made our way to the back door, which was where he insisted on coming in and out to avoid paps or something. That man was paranoid.

“Do not say a word.” I warned Steane as I returned to the room to find him sitting in the chair I’d recently vacated.

“I wasn’t going to.” He smirked at me. He would have though, made some remark about how I was a hypocrite for wanting bigger things yet I apparently condemned him for it. It was totally different. For one I’d done my time on ‘lesser projects.’ Still was technically.

“You’re a terrible liar.” I told him sitting in my lap and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Lying is practically my job.” He said, chest puffed out.

“That explains the lack of rolls then.” I told him cheekily. Seeing he was getting offended at that I cut him off with a long kiss. “Hi.” I smiled at him when we finally broke apart.

“Hi there.” He smiled at me, apparently forgetting his earlier offence.

“What are you doing here?” I asked resting my head against his chest as his arms wrapped around my waist.

“Visiting my lovely girlfriend of course.” He said. I’m sure there was another reason but I didn’t push it and he didn’t share. “Do you want to go out for lunch?” He asked. Ahh he wanted more publicity. Cute.

“Not really.” I sighed, he opened his mouth to protest when I pouted at him, eyes wide “I’ve been out for six months. I just want to be home.”

His face softened at that and he nodded in agreement, “Alright. We’ll stay in.”

“Thank you.” I smiled leaning in for another kiss, “Want to make me lunch as well?” I asked hopefully though I doubted he would.

“Don’t push you luck Princess.” He smiled, flicking me on the nose before reaching for the television remote.
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