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so i'll tell you about my trip~
on friday in the early morning i got in a car with my fam and we drove to northern new york and spent the day at some beach place. then went to our hotel and slept.
on saturday we drove to our cabin in canada and day by day i cant remember what we did but i'll tell you about it as a whole.
important part of the drive- i had 2 disposable cameras that i used pretty fast and right over the border in to canada there's this place. and it sells ice cream and squeaky cheese. some of the best things on earth really. ok moving on.
we stay in a cabin that is painted blue. its right on the upper rideau lake. there are three docks, a rope swing, and a small beach area. the people who own the cabin live next door. on the other side is a rowdy crew of elderly people who speak weird french or portuguese - we couldn't decide or figure out which. the family we rent from has 5 boys whose ages range from 31-19ish. Only one of them was currently living there and he is the one who we have been closest to in the 15 years my family has come to the camp. his name is joe and he is unintentionally and utterly hilarious. the family owns 4 horses that live in a field down the road and are massive creatures. we were lucky enough to witness them take an occasional swim in the lake and it was truly an experience to watch. they acted almost like kids and were splashing in the water and they would look directly at you sort of like a dog would do. me and my sister got to go see them a lot and it was pretty terrifying to have such a huge animal run at you to be pet or fed. 
my aunt rented a cabin on the same lake and was, to our surprise, at our cabin from about 11am-8pm with her husband, two crazy, unruly grandchildren, her grumpy 31 year old daughter, who brought her 12 year old daughter, who brought her friend. there was no shortage or smoking or yelling while they were there. but at least their boat was nice, fast, and at our disposable while they were gone. i went water skiing once and fell multiple times because staying inside the wake is too boring but i'm not too good at staying balanced outside of it. my sister who is much better at it than i dropped a ski and had no problem going in and out of the wake as she pleased -__- lol. the same sister acquired the name ting-a-ling because she acts like an asian tourist and takes a million pictures of every blade of grass and leaf that moves. 
my grandparents came for two days and my other aunt came for awhile as well and my family is pretty cray cray.
i caught over 40 fish (mostly dumb small ones) my biggest was a large mouth bass that was only 14 1/2 inches and under 2lbs. my brothers both caught smallish pikes that are scary. apparently all of the large fish are in the very deep water because of the lovely heat wave. 
i woke up with my sister twice to watch the sunrise, the first time it was too cloudy and the second time we were about 10 minutes late for. 
there is a small town near our camp that is extremely quaint, it includes clothing shops, fudge and ice cream shops, random odd signs, small restaurants, churches, bait shops, one grocery store, and other weird stores that are just too cute. i visited many times.
we set off fireworks 2 of the nights and danced around with sparklers but were unable to have a fire because the grass was too dry. dumb.
i swam a lot. abused the rope swing. made numerous sand castles with bear (my 4 year old second cousin thing i dont even know what to call that) (also just to be clear bear is a nickname, her name is aroura). i caught fish and had to take fish off the hook which is gross they are slimey and sometimes the fish is so dumb and doesn't know what's good for them so they freak out when you're holding them and they spike you with their dumb fin things. goodness. 
i enjoyed their canadian accents and picked up a combination of that (with my favorite slang word: eh; meaning- you know, am i right, are you serious, etc. it can pretty much mean anything you want it to and just throw it around your sentence wherever you feel it fits) and my family's new york accent by the end of the trip.
i read the hunger games while i was there and i was only reading it because it was on my summer reading list. but i figured it would be a better read than the other books that were on the list. and i really liked it. i liked it so much that i took my time reading it because i didnt want it to end. and i'm seriously looking forward to reading the rest of them. 
on the ride back from canada we stopped at my grandma's house and that was a fiasco. then on our merry way back to my homeland, we stopped at jimmy johns and like it was simple, like its a subway except actually good, it was pretty magical for me really. 
but its good to be home and hopefully my sister will be home soon with the 2nd and 3rd hunger games. :) also i got my schedule for school and i may potentially be taking some senior elective ew.
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