Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

Chorong’s POV

The next day after Simon’s unexpected visit on my window sill, I decided to spent a day at the beach.

I didn’t even bother to put on swimsuit – I wasn’t going to swim neither tan; stripped t-shirt and reasonably long skirt were my wardrobe choices for that day.

I quietly left my room and was so deep in thoughts whether red flats were matching my outfit that I didn’t notice my neighbor leaving his room too. I bumped with him, and when I was over shock I notice how handsome he was. 

He – probably not knowing what to do – retreated back to his room, leaving me standing awkwardly alone in the corridor.

Before going to the beach I decided to visit local bakery. When I entered the place I was stunned again: behind the counter was standing boy who easily could be an ulzzang. Other – also handsome – guy was looking at cakes and cupcakes. I stood next to him and picked something for me.
 When I ordered it, ulzzang boy didn’t hear me – or pretended not to hear me, being too busy staring at his cell phone. 

“Can I help you?” The boy next to me asked.
I repeated my order to him, and he smiled charmingly in response. As I was melting under his smile, someone else appeared to scold the boy.
“Woohyun, since when you have been working here to take orders from customers?” 
“Hyung, I was just helping our new friend..?”
“Chorong.” I quietly introduced myself.
“Our new friend Chorong.”
‘Hyung’ treated his smiling friend Woohyun with cold stare and ask me to follow him to the counter where I finally bought the cake for myself.

When I was finally on beach I hoped the rest of the day to go smoothly – but this of course couldn’t happen because of that babo Simon.

He was playing volleyball with his ’Camp Girls’ how I called them – and surprise, surprise – he was shirtless. Did he have some kind of allergy to clothes?

He was showing off and it was so annoying.

Even more annoying was that I couldn’t focus on reading book and eating the cake – to the point that when I was staring in his direction I let the cake fall on my shirt.

When I was trying to get rid of the spot cream from the cake left on my shirt, rubbing it with tissue, Simon uninvited sat on my blanket.
“Help you with that?” He asked with stupid smile and soon I realized the spot was exactly where my left breast was.
I quickly stopped cleaning it and glared at the boy.

“Aren’t you busy with your camp girls?” I asked pointing at group of teenage girls sitting in distance, drinking water, and more than probably gossiping about how awful I was.
“They are big enough to tie their own shoes, so they are capable of taking care for themselves for that 10 minutes, don’t you think?” He said comfortably lying down on MY blanket.

I glared at him hoping he will understand I mind his presence so near me.

He just closed his eyes and smiled. 

*He was so well-built and all covered with sweat from playing volleyball. It was icky.

Or sexy? Why I couldn’t stop staring at him?*

To break the silence – and focus on conversation instead of staring at him – I asked first question that came to my mind.
“Why are you half naked every time I meet you?”
He lifted himself on elbows and lazily opened his eyes, smiling widely.
“And why are you fully clothed every time I meet you?”

I was speechless. “ without clothes around you?”
“Chorong look around: you’re on beach; it’s middle of the summer and the weather is so nice; it’s normal people wear less here.”

In the distance we could hear annoying ‘oppa!’ from camp girls – their break was over, and the same was with Simon’s break.

He lazily sat and looked straight into my eyes.
“The real answer is I’m really curious how big your boobs are.” He quickly got up – and only shock could explain why I haven’t hit him;

I grabbed my red shoe and throw it at him. He stopped and turned back, with that awful smile on his face, and added: “I don’t mind small boobs; just look at mine, aren’t that big, yet I still proudly show them to people.”
I quickly grabbed my other shoe…

The next day during breakfast I was talking with Yurim and Eun – the girl who also stayed at grandmother’s pension; the boys in the town was the topic we could talk for hours about: there were just so many amazing boys there! Excluding Simon -.-

Near the end of the breakfast, Eun’s parents called her, Yurim was going to be busy with cleaning dishes and I knew I was going to be left alone.

As I was taking last bite of my pancake and thinking what to do, Simon appeared out of nowhere asking Yurim if she or grandma needs anything from the city.

City. City with stores!

“You’re going to the city?”
“Wanna go with me?” He asked.

Only then I noticed how different he looked; his eyes were hidden behind glasses, his usually naked chest was covered under white shirt and trendy blazer. 

“Can I?” I ask like little kid who doesn’t believe his mother is allowing her to buy new toy.

In his car I started to worry; the car ride to the nearest big city was taking 40 minutes and being closed in such tiny space for so long could be awkward.

Simon who was about to start the engine must noticed my worried face, as he asked if I’m alright.
“Bit nervous.” I honestly said. “I don’t know whether you’re good driver or not.” I quickly added.

“Look at this face –“ he started and I was about to sigh that he was going to make another comment on how handsome he is. But he didn’t something else – he raised his hands to his face and did a gesture like baby. “Chorong-ah, don’t you trust such driver?” He asked using cute ‘baby’ voice. **

When I finally stopped laughing I said: „You’re so bad at agyeo!”
“Then you’re lucky you haven’t seen me dancing!”

The rest of the way to the city we both joked: I finally felt comfortable around him, and it was my turn to make him laugh with failed agyeo.

When we were finally in the city I felt almost like in home: the noise and the crowd of people was so familiar, but not the same. Almost.

The street where we parked was full of stores and I wanted to visit them all. 
“Have fun here; let’s meet here ..ummm.. is four hours enough for you to shop?”
“’re leaving me?” I asked in disbelief.
“Um, yes. I didn’t came to the city for shopping.” He laughed awkwardly. “I have date.” He explained.
“Ugh, okay. Have fun on your DATE.” I turned angrily and took few steps when I realized I didn’t want to be left alone.

Maybe it was selfish but I turned back to Simon and begged him to stay with me.
He scratched his forehead, thinking what to do, before he took out his cell phone and called someone to apologize for cancelling the meeting.

I was so happy! 

When we become tired from walking we found some coffee shop to rest there – and I must admit Paradise Café had a lot better coffee.

I was really curious about the date he cancelled for me.
“So…who’s that lucky girl to date you?” I asked trying to sound casually.
“Just friend.” He answered comfortably, and I had the feeling this conversation like almost all I shared with him was going to end with my embarrassment. “ I meet her once in a month, to drink coffee, chat a bit and do other stuff. Have you heard of friends with benefits?”
“Friends with benefits?” I almost choked with my coffee. I wasn’t suspecting him of having such relationships. But at the same time it was Simon – he could be lying. Or to be more exact – exaggerating. 

“Because of you I missed fun today, so now you really owe me showing me some of your body”

I just knew he would say something like that -.-

“You pervert!” I tried to hit him over the table but my palms missed his arm and I hit myself in table. 
He leaned in my direction with smirk on his face.
“You meant: healthy straight guy?”


 I didn't know myself which one I wanted to do more seeing his smirking face: slap him or kiss him?

Simon <3
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