Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

Girls prepare yourself because this is the longest chapter I've ever written! I am not kidding xD I hope you will enjoy it and sorry for any major fail but I am lazy to check...

~2200 words of nonsense :P

Narrator POV

Yurim really thought that luck was somehow on her side when she needed - even it was the first time in her whole life. After she left - she still lives with the thought he wanted to stay - Jongin behind with ‘those’ girls, with silly logic she decided, it was time to avoid the boy as much as possible. 

Fortunately the Kim parents decided that family vacation is actually about spending some time together and not going different way after breakfast. So they decided to put their kids - ‘kids’: all three over 18, the oldest daughter already 25 -, into their car and head to the nearest cities for attractions. Or rather they were a bit annoyed that girls wanted to visit malls and see people around them, so they granted their wishes. 

But nobody granted Jongin’s wish, the wish where he became confident and has enough brave to actually say no to girls he doesn’t like and ask out the girl he thinks about a lot. There were no Fairy Godmothers to help him out - not like he believed in it but stupid Kyungsoo should stop talking about Disney things during their breaks -, there was nobody to help him. But he decided that calling Kyungsoo would not kill him.

Two days went on without any contact besides the short glances at the breakfast while Yurim quickly put down something on their table then hurried out of the dinning room, like it was some inflected place. The Kim family left early both day and came back at really late when Jongin didn’t even thought about looking for the girl. “Tomorrow!” he said to himself as he stared his reflect in the bathroom’s mirror.

And ‘tomorrow’ came and Jongin was still awkward and not sure about the things he should do or say. Yurim still avoided him - not like he was surprised about this -, but Jongin could see a knowing smile on Sunho’s face every time his eyes went back and forth between two of them. “He might know something? Of course he knows! He is Yurim’s brother” Jongin thought as he stuffed a big spoon of cereal into his mouth.

Later that day the “family vacation” looked like it was over, because everything went back like it was in the first days. His sisters went to the beach and spent their whole day there, coming back like fried chickens. “You are so lucky to inherit your dark skin from someone in our family” one of them said at dinner, trying to not hiss when back touched the wooden chair’s carpet. Jongin just shrugged because most of the time he gets teased about his darker skin, he even owns the nickname ‘Kkamjong’, thanks to Chanyeol.

And he shrugges because his head was full with more important things than his sisters’s complaints about getting burnt, or how lucky is. He might be lucky to have dark skin and maybe because he has quite an attractive face and body but who cares about them when he can’t talk to girls? To be exact, he can’t talk to that one certain girl. To the girl who was so beautiful laying on the grass a few hours earlier.


Jongin decided to at least go out to the garden for some fresh air, because just sitting in his room and staring either the wall or outside of the window was not the best he imagined to do during his vacation. So he walked out and found a person laying on the grass.

Yurim was on her back, book in her left hand, trying to block the sun from her view. Cupcake was beside her, his head was resting on her stomach, Yurim’s right hand stroking his fur constantly. Without realizing he took out his phone from his back pocket and snapped a picture of her. Okay, not only one but at least five and he would have definitely took more if an arm around his shoulder wouldn’t cause him jumping out of his skin in shock.

“Hey, hey, stalker boy.” Sunho chuckled, holding Jongin close to him.
“I-I...didn’t!” Jongin tried to protest but he only caused Sunho burst into laugh.
“Calm down, I was kidding” the older boy said, patting his shoulder. “But instead of stalking you should just go to her and say something. I know she can be a difficult person but...she likes you too.”
“She avoids me and I don’t know why exactly...”
“Why? Because she is an idiot! But that’s why we like her, right?” Sunho winked at the younger boy with a cheeky smile. “And because she probably thinks you are more interested in those girls at the beach.”
“I am not, Sunho-ssi!”
“I know kid. I know. But she doesn’t” Sunho shrugged his shoulder slightly. “Call me hyung anyway. And now, let’s go!” He pushed Jongin toward Yurim and shouted. “Man it up kid!”

Jongin almost tripped on his own feet as he walked closer to Yurim. Fortunately the girl didn’t seem to notice him, she focused on her book.

“Yurim-ssi” he said after he coughed to clear his throat. But the girl didn’t budge. “Yurim-ssi” he tried again and this time the girl looked up in surprise and quickly took out the earphones from her ears.
“Oh! Jongin!” Yurim sat up. “What is it?”
“Uhm...” the boy tried to think about something but his head was empty. What he should say to her in this situation? Should he say sorry? Not like he was wrong in the first place but still... 

“I am hungry” was the first thing that came into his mind and Jongin wanted to kill himself. Or just dig a grave in the garden.
“Oh...” Yurim’s mouth hung open for a moment in disappointment. “I am pretty sure grandma is in the kitchen and will be happy to make you something” she replied a bit hurt then put the earphones into her ears.

First attempt: Fail.

Sunho looked them from the terrace and just rolled his eyes. “It will be harder than I thought” he sighed and patted Jongin’s back as he walked toward him.

“I suck” was all he said.
“Don’t worry, you still have lot of chance. Like tonight at the beach party”
“Beach party?”
“Yeah! We do this kind of parties a lot during the summer. You know, campfire, food, girls” he wiggled his eyebrows. “ and alcohol, however you are too young to drink I guess. But we are not that strict, so you might get a beer or something” Sunho winked. “Just in case it might help being brave!” he laughed as he walked into the house.


And there he was. After dinner Jongin went to his room and was not sure if he is ready to go to that party and try again to speak with Yurim. He took a shower and it was already late and dark outside, he laid down on his bed, thinking.

The next thing he remembered a bang on his window. He got out off the bed and walked to the window to open it, and he found Simon in the garden. Jongin pointed at the room beside him, because he was sure Simon didn’t look for him but the girl next door. The older boy just laughed at him and reminded Jongin about the beach party. Oh yeah...the party.

“Sis, come on!” Sunho nagged at Yurim who took a last look at herself in the mirror.
“Shut up, i am coming” she pouted as she followed her brother outside.

Yurim dressed up quite nicely - as nicely as sitting beside a campfire lets her -, even Simon commented: “Do you finally have a date tonight?” with a cheeky smile on his face. He only earned a slap on his arm.

Well, secretly she hoped that something good might happen that night, that luck will be on her side and maybe...just maybe...she can talk with Jongin. At least.

They arrived at the beach and already heard music coming from Yongguk’s car. After greetings and welcome drinks Yurim settled down with the girls while Jongin stuck with Sunho at first. The older boy was kind enough to keep him in company and introduce him to the other boys from the coffee shop. 

“Jongin can’t take his eyes off of you” Eun leaned closer to Yurim, it was now only the two of them, Chorong left with Simon - with a little help of Yurim.
“Oh...really?” she pretended she didn’t notice but Yurim could feel his gaze burning hole into her face, not like she minded.
“I don’t get you eonni” Eun talked again. “I mean you guys are so obviously like each other back, so why are you playing this childish game?”
“I don’t really think he is that interested in me. I am pretty sure those kind of girls” she pointed at the Camp girls with her head “ are his style. And they are at least around his age”
“I don’t think so” the younger girl shrugged her shoulder but didn’t try to prove Yurim anymore. It was kind of useless and she could notice it quickly.
“Do you want another beer?” Yurim stood up and looked down at Eun.
“No, its more than enough” she smiled back, lifting up her half full bottle. Yurim nodded and headed to the car where they put down the drinks.

“See, girls? I said he would come here because of me”

Yurim turned around and spotted the Camp girls not far from her. They took a quick - and disgusted - look at her then continued talking, just loud enough so Yurim could understand everything.

“He is totally into you, eonni!” one of the girl said with a smile and they all laughed.
“I know!” Subin giggled annoyingly. “I can’t wait to be alone with him”
“Uhhhh!” the girls all cheered. 

Yurim raised a brow, she couldn’t believe what she heard. Jongin invited Subin? Is it true? So all the preparations - looking good as much as possible - was in vain? 

She sighed. It was just her luck.

“Why am I even surprised? He might stared Eun instead of me. Or just saw something weird on me” Yurim mumbled to herself. She felt her vision became a bit blurry. “Stupid tears! Stupid alcohol!” she pouted then instead of walking back to her previous spot beside Eun she headed back to the pension instead.

“Hyung, did you see Yurim?” Jongin looked around but there was no sign of her.
“She was sitting there a few minutes ago” he pointed at the place beside Eun. “She might went to grab a drink or something.” the older boy shrugged and turned back to the other boys.

Jongin eyes wandered around the place but there were too many people and it was quite dark to just spot her easily. As he was looking for Yurim his eyes met with Subin’s who waved at him with a smile. With a quite seductive smile. Jongin gulped and he felt his face became hotter a bit, he found the situation a bit embarrassing. He waved back slightly, because he’s never been a rude kid. But unfortunately Subin took it as a sign, she started walking toward him, now without her friends.

“Oppa” she circled her arms around his neck, pretending that she was already tipsy - from that two sip of beer.
“Oh, you are so cute! Just call me Subin-ah!” there was that smile again her face that scared Jongin a bit.
“Okay, Subin-ah” he tried to escape from her embrace but she hold him tight, and Jongin didn’t have the heart to push away a girl who drank more than she should have.

Meanwhile, on her way back to the pension Yurim stopped and took a deep breath.

“Okay Oh Yurim. You must be confident! What if he invited her? It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the party! Moreover, why you could not win against a 16 years old...a 16 years old annoying girl!? You are an adult and you are pretty, or at least other says.” Yurim talked to herself, trying to prove herself to go back and do something. “Fighting!” she shouted.

With a smile on her face she turned around and walked toward the campfire, finally she felt braveness to do something. But the smile froze onto her face when she noticed she didn’t really want.

Jongin was there not far from her but he was not alone. Definitely not! Subin’s arms were still around his neck, her head resting on his shoulder.

All of her confident died down in Yurim and she really wanted to just magically disappear into the sand or just run into the sea and drown there. 

“Why did I think I had even a little bit chance...?” she bit down on her lower lip and turned around. This time instead of walking, she simply ran away.


awkward Jongin + awkward Yurim = painfully awkward situation and misunderstandings...

sorry for wasting your time ^^

oh and I draw something to show how I imagine the pension and its surroundings but its so horrible xD haha...if you want to see anyway just tell me :)
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