For @chomiczynka's Seven Days, Seven ‘Babies’ Collection:

Day 2: Cute maknae

Whenever I see Ren I think that I've totally failed as a girl! hahaha I can't believe one of my sister's guy friend said 'It's the first time I can say that if that boy was a girl, I'd be totally drooling over the keyboard!' LOL!!! All my sister guy-friends are totally loving Nu'est! they love their songs so much! they were asking me to play Action the other day they came over to our house! hehe xD


Today it was a bitter day, I got bad news about my health but on the bright side after arguing with my mom so much last days, we settled down our problems and had a good time together, we went with my dad to eat seafood and out of nowhere my mom saw a TV report about Yeosun Expo, where PSY appeared, I told my parents 'God, he's freaking popular now, I'm getting kind of sick of it (here I come hating the things everybody else is loving xD) his new song has gone viral! and then my dad blurted out "Isn't it the guy who sings a song about 'style' and dances with horses? I've seen that! such a great song and video! and that kid who danced U-kiss' songs that you showed me the other day (the one from Star King) was also in the video, right?" CAN YOU IMAGINE MY FACE??! I was all like.. OMG! What I've done??? My poor family has finally completely been infected by my Korean obsession... let me die already! hahaha
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