I'm going to start off by thanking @polyvore-editorial for being so gracious as to making two of my sets be top sets. The feeling of gratitude I have for you guys are just immense. I never ever thought I'd see the day where I'd make it to that front page but I have and I just want to thank you so much. 


So you noticed my new layout, ay? ;D Well, it's about time I made some new layout and this just happened to look nice so here. I don't know if a lot of people do this set up though. It looks familiar although I really didn't intend to copy anyone. I just really like how simple it is and how minimalist it is. I guess I do minimalist layouts work best for me because I'm way too lazy to find pictures and because I like focusing solely on an outfit and a face which would help my viewers visualize what it'd look like on a person. I love filled up layouts too though. Those are extremely cool and divine but it's just that I suck at making those types of sets and it takes forever for me to find pictures seriously. So to anyone with layouts extravagant, I salute you. 

Don't you just want to stroke the bag's fur?! It's so freaking fluffy and cute and askdasdj ahhh. Fur. I just hope it's synthetic and not authentic...... And I know I said I didn't really like pink but if it's going to be rocking pink then I AM IN. 

Anyway, it's time for dedication time woooo!

I dedicate this set to @across-the-universe for being one of the awesomest friends here on Polyvore. You're one of the reasons why I decided to keep existing here on Polyvore. 

Also, @hijabikebabi @robot-in-a-box @sophiesb for being super supporters in everything I do like I don't even know where I'd be with out you, guys. Just. I love you. 

@evanabosh my nice new friend who loves Logan Lerman. 
@iluvatar My co-wife because we're both married to Tom Hardy.
@oceanflowerbird because she's bloody awesome. :)
@tell-me-more because her display picture is killing me. 

Hope you like the set, guys!
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