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Hannah Darval; Collab with @vicks (who I also stole the layout from. Except not that fond of the set - I murdered the layout)

I was lying on my back on the coach staring up at the ceiling thinking angsty and self deprecating thoughts. Okay it totally wasn’t healthy but I hadn’t been alone with my thoughts for an extended period of time since, well almost a month. I was awake now though, waiting for Jess to show up. I’d made an effort to get up early and everything.

I had almost fallen back asleep, which was a better option than thinking, when there was a loud, persistent knocking on the door. Jess had arrived.

Grumbling to myself I managed to drag my body towards the door and throw it open.

The sight that greeted me was Jess, with a smile on her face that was far to large for ever, let alone before 3pm, €”Hey, how are you?”€ She asked. I shot a glare at her, perhaps not my best or most intimidating but pretty good for the circumstances.

I didn’t even bother to acknowledge her, instead turning on my heel and making my way back into the house, planting myself face first on the couch I had just vacated. I heard the tell tale click of the door closing and her laugh which meant she wasn’t too offended.

“€œSuch a good host.” She was still laughing as she spoke. I muttered random sounds as I lifted my head up to look at her. She was sitting all curled in on herself, on the seat opposite me like she owned the place.

“It would have been a good one if you hadn’t have come so early!” I objected causing her to laugh. Again. Okay so it wasn’t that early but she could have been polite enough to actually show up when I was more awake.€ 

“€œIt’€™s after 1pm! It’€™s hardly early. Just because you have been sleeping the days away because you’ve been in a depressive mood isn’t my fault.” Miss holier-than-thou. Whatever. I muttered curse words at her as I sat up cross legged on the sofa. She better appreciate the effort.

“€œHow are you not depressed? I don’€™t understand how you can be so cheery with everything going on with you.”€ I asked without thinking, her smile faltered and I felt slightly guilty again but then it reappeared again. I was wary of its sincerity though, Jess was an actress after all. It made me wonder for a second how happy Jess really was. But I was to tired for deep thoughts.

“I guess that’s just me. I hate being sad.” She said, staring out the window and looking, well sad. I regretted speaking kind of but soon enough she’d returned her attention to me and was talking again, “But I do need to talk about it all. I need a neutral perspective, someone who doesn’t know Landon well or Andrew. And that person is you.”

“Are you going to pay me to be your shrink or something?” I joked, leaning towards her slightly.

“No of course not.” She rolled her eyes. That spoiled my fun but maybe she’d still let me get a leather couch or something and a notepad. And some glasses for effect.

“Fine, be like that.” I pouted before brightening considerably when I realised she’d pretty much asked me for my advice. Which was rare. Especially relationship advice because people for some reason just didn’t as me, “Now tell Aunty Hannah everything and she will give you the best advice you will ever receive.” I said with a dramatic flourish.

“Are you going to take this seriously?” She asked dryly, eyebrow cocked.

“Of course.” I was slightly offended by that actually. I did joke and take myself seriously zero percent of the time but I would never joke about other people’s issues. At least not people I liked, or even tolerated I guess.

“Good,” she took a breath, as if stealing herself before launching into her story “Landon’s having second thoughts about this whole thing. He has, for the last two years, had a boyfriend, who I didn’t know about. His name is Adam and he’s cute and now he’s pressuring Landon to come out so they can be together. Landon has no idea what to do and I don’t know what to say to him.” I stared at her in disbelief, I mean Landon had kept a boyfriend secret from her for 2 years? 

I thought those two were super close, whatever she was talking again so It’d do me good to focus on her words again. “And Andrew, well he has well and truly pissed me off. After meeting his wife, he expected me to jump his bones an hour later and then has the cheek to tell me that I haven’t ever felt guilty about what we’ve been doing.” She leant back and closed her eyes, which gave me a second to think of my response. Except it really didn’t because the next second they were open again and she was looking at me like she expected an answer. “Advice at this moment would be greatly appreciated.” She added, like I didn’t get that.

 “Well, we’ll start with the Landon situation. That one is simple.” I said pausing to give myself time to speak. I was crap with relationships so why she was asking me I wasn’t sure but I was damn well going to try, “There is nothing you can do. Landon has to discover what he wants to do on his own, without pressure from Adam and without pressure from you.” 

“So just let him get on with it?” She asked. I nodded in confirmation.

She sighed, kind of dramatically before continuing “Okay that I can do. But do I tell Greg or do I just leave it until Landon decides?” 

“Until Landon decides. Greg will just tell him to stop being a p-ssy and get on with it.” I shrugged. She laughed at that, which I guess was a good thing. No it was a good thing.

“Okay, well there is problem number one sorted. So, what do I do about Andrew?”

 “Well, do you feel guilty?” I asked, trying to suss out the situation more. Really I was completely clueless and probably doing more harm than good.

She nodded. “Every time. But I love him and when I’m with him, it’s worth it. But after I’ve left I feel dirty and such a skank. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t even spoken to him since Eden’s party. I don’t know what to say to him. I don’t even know what I want you to tell me.” Except then she laughed, which was good, but might also be a sign of mental instability. You never knew. “I am clearly starting to become a mess. What I need now is drugs and I am all set to follow down the Lindsay Lohan route.”

“Ugh no please don’t.” I wrinkled my nose at her, at the thought, “Then I just would not be able to associate with you anymore.”

“Why? Would I ruin your image.”

“Gosh no, I do that well enough myself.” I laughed with a shrug. I was deadly serious though, I was surprised Samantha hadn’t hired a sniper or killed Steane with her bare hands, “Then you’d just be an icky person.”

“Thanks,” She said dryly and nothing else. Not sure if she wanted me to give her advice or something. I was really terrible at that.

“Well I can’t give you any advice because logically I would dump his ass,” I told her candidly, he seemed like a bit of a dick. No actually a massive dick but I wasn’t going to tell her that, “But I assume emotions are involved,” Which was the only way Jess would be a home-wrecker, “so all bets are off.”

“All bets are off hmm?”

“Yes.” I nodded, before leaning my head back against the back of the chair, “Your heart is clouding what you know you should do.”

“That’s deep Hannah, really.” She said, I couldn’t tell if she was serious or mad or what. Whatever she could take it, “Do you listen to you own advice ever.”

“Hey,” I cracked my eye open to look straight at her, “If you’re referring to Steane and myself we’re over. For good.”

“Again?” She asked eyebrow cocked and trying to hide her amusement I would assume, “Does he know this time?”

“I imagine he’s figured it out.” I shrugged, closing my eyes again because keeping them open took effort, “He hasn’t been around here in ages.”

She scoffed at that, but hey it was so true “Like that will deter Steane once he comes out of an alcoholic stupor. He probably hasn’t been round because he’s been drunk but once he sobers up, he’ll be around here like a shot.” I grimaced. Ok maybe she was right but maybe she wasn’t. Maybe Steane had really defied the odds and grown up. Stopped fighting for me, I dunno how that made me feel honestly.

“The only way Steane will ever know that it is truly over is if you tell him.” Jess continued “Spell it out to him. Otherwise he will keep coming back and you will keep on taking him back.” 

 “I know” I sighed rubbing my eyes “but he doesn’t listen. How many times have we ended things? Only to get back together the week later and then start the cycle all over again. It’s never ending.” 

She gave me a small sympathetic smile, which for some unexplainable reason made me feel better than any words probably could, “You have to make him listen somehow. I don’t know but somehow. He has got to understand sooner or later that you guys can’t keep doing whatever it is you guys do.” 

“Easier said then done.” I sighed again, before shaking of the melancholy mood. Sulking was just no fun “But anyway, I think we have had enough of our problems. It’s now,” I glanced at the butt ugly clock hanging on the wall. Shane’s wife Caroline had given it to me and I had politely hung it up., “2:30pm and I think we should go out and have a late lunch.” 

She nodded at that, her words mirroring my thoughts “Sounds good to me. I’m sick of moping now.”

 “Good, I’ll be 5 minutes.” I said cheerfully, getting up to get changed into something I could actually bee seen in. She nodded, and closed her eyes again. Poor dear. Between the two of us weren’t we just textbook examples of romantically challenged?

Personally I blamed the universe.
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