I know the title is a bit retarded but I couldn't think of anything fancy to place as a title. Well, as you all should know it's @hijabikebabi 's birthday in two days but I've decided I should seriously make her an advanced birthday set before my mind goes into whack. 

OKAY, I was to combine @tell-me-more in this set too but I have another surprise for her :D 

ANYWAY, mah letter to you, Maleeha:

Kebabs are cool. And kebabs make you feel good when you're unhappy. And kebabs will be there when no one else is there. In other words, you're a kebab, Maleeha. You're probably one of the coolest kebabs here on Polyvore. I don't know if it was me or you who messaged each other first but when I first talked to you, I felt an instant connection like I knew you from kebab world. Even if I haven't replied to some of your messages, I know you've become one of my closest friends here on Polyvore already. Every comment, every like, every tag from you just means a lot :) And I think it's really epic how you remember me out of your bagillion followers. I also want to thank you for being one of the only people to ever recognize my sets when it's on the front page like you actually know if it's my set and you don't just congratulate people for the sake of congratulating because you actually know it's me xD Well, I really appreciate that :) And whenever you comment in sheer excitement for my victory at the top sets, I just feel like exploding of happiness because you're happy that I've made it. You're so supportive and I'm tremendously grateful to have a friend like you. I also dig your blog posts A LOT. I've never read someone's description as hilarious, casual, smart, witty, and freaking epic like your's. It just brings a smile to my face that people like you actually exist. And I never write letters on a person's birthday set but since I know you like reading things, I decided to make one :) You're ultra awesome that you could probably take over the world. And you're freaking Batman. In some way or another. You're this secretive smiley drawing on a piece of paper. No one knows your true identity yet you bring out just enough info to let people know you're freaking awesome. OH AND YOUR SETS, like are you even human? Your sets are a gift from God. I don't know how you manage to live with your awesomeness because your sets are exploding with greatness. I could just go on about how awesome your sets but aksdjalsdjaladkslj KEBABS. I don't know, I'm quite speechless at how awesome they are and just *more keyboard slamming* aksdkjlsadjldjalllllfjjagkfasdfasdoapgioefjsdfsd;ajwdklfjsdgajl;sdkasfjklgrj;eowgijjk;gsp[apfdgjfsdjojafklgja;qowrejrhgJKDHGFHJSDKHFADHKJHDJk because you're that awesome you, kebab-loving-batman :D
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
LMFAO it's been 48 minutes ahhahahha. Make sure to like copy the comment, just in case something happens o.O

Wrote 4 years ago
@hijabikebabi Okay, I'm going to reply to them starting NOW o.o TIME ME.

Wrote 4 years ago
Hehehe you haven't replied to comments in a while. I do that sometimes, there arejust so many and I'm like O.o ahahaha


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