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Hey everyone!

I'm Elysia, but you can call me Ellie. I'm a friendly person and would love to get to know you, so go ahead and introduce yourselves. 

xx, Ellie 

Comment friends/acquaintances [Ellie isn't really one to have enemies. Though, I might consider it, if your adamant about it]


Wednesday, September 5th: Grand Re-Opening of the Fitzgerald Museum. People from all across the country are expected to visit because of the hype surrounding the place.


/Historic Haunted Museum to Reopen Today/ read the headline of the day’s paper. Ellie glanced at the headline from her desk. She had heard stories about the Fitzgerald Mansion, and had even visited once or twice, when her family vacationed in California. There was something so thrilling about ghost stories, no matter how false they are: and Ellie did love history, so it was decided, she was going to the museum after work. 


“I should have come when it wasn’t so crowded,” Ellie thought as she parked her car. 

The museum lot was filled with cars and buses and the lawn of the mansion was sprawled with people who had just left the museum. They all had hopes of seeing a ghost or feeling a strange sensation or hearing an odd noise, but it wouldn’t happened and Ellie was sure of it. As much as she liked a good ghost story she knew they were just that, stories. 

As she walked up to the mansion she was taken aback by the pure beauty and grandeur of the place. Say what you will about the Fitzgerald Manor and what was said to have occurred there, but no one could deny its beauty. Perhaps there was a haunting quality in its beauty, but that was it. Nevertheless, Ellie made her way indoors and admire the wonderful architecture as well as she could.

With all the people in the mansion it made the experience feel cheaper than it should have. Ellie sighed and pushed through the throngs of people and found a small, quaint side room where she could be alone. There was a large painting across the room and Ellie began to study it. She squinted her eyes, tilted her head and began to make her own interpretation of what the artist was trying to convey.

“Lovely isn’t it?” an unfamiliar and unexpected voice made Ellie jump.

“Good god!” she exclaimed turning to her right and facing the young man, “You don’t just sneak up a person like that.”

“Afraid of ghosts?” the young man said with a quizzical smirk on his face. 

“Not at all,” Ellie said curtly. And then, realizing that he was still standing there, said with a nicer tone, “Sorry, I’m Ellie.”

“Nice to meet you, Ellie, I’m Will,” he said running his hand back through his hair, “What brings you to the museum?”

Ellie simply shrugged and said, “I haven’t been here since I was about 8, so I thought I come back and check it out. You?”

“Purely, intellectual interest, not to mention how fantastic this place looks,” Will said, swaying front to back. 

Ellie studied him for a moment in silence. He had that cool, indie-nerd look going on and was quite an attractive fellow. He couldn’t stand still he was rocking back and forth, but it wasn’t annoying. For some reason it seemed rather logical considering, well just how he was. He was entertaining and fascinating to watch. 

“Well, Ellie, hate to say it, but I’ve gotta head out. But come back to the mansion and I’m sure we’ll run into each other again,” Will said with that same charming, wide smile.

Before Ellie could open her mouth, Will was gone and out of the room. Elle shook her head and laughed, what an interesting character. There was something magnetic about him. Perhaps she would return to the manor, if not for the ghosts for Will.


blah. Sorry this is just so awful. I promise next time will be better and include a lot more about the mansion.
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