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Ana Hunter; February 

“Did you know there’s only 14 weeks until the ball?” Sophia asked me and Willow as we lay around the pool in her back garden. Or rather Willow was floating on her back in the pool and I was sitting on the edge, legs gently kicking in the water. Sophia had flatly refused to even dip a toe in and was lounging on a pool recliner.

“I know right?” Willow enthused in return. 

I said nothing. I wasn’t really excited for the ball, I mean I loved dressing up but dancing wasn’t my thing, plus I knew I would be the loser going stag.

“What do you think?” Sophia asked me, levering herself onto her elbow to stare at my through her sunglasses.

“What do I think about what?” I asked dryly, leaning my head back to look at her, “There wasn’t a question there.”

“About the ball silly.” She pulled her sunglasses down to glare at me.

“It’s in 14 weeks at the Hyatt Ballroom.” I was genuinely puzzled at what she was asking me.

“No, I mean are you excited for it?” She asked me with a sigh, like I was stupid. I wasn’t, she just was not being clear in the slightest.

“Oh, I guess so.” I shrugged, not really wanting to go into my terrible insecurities.

“That’s not very convincing.” Willow noted, as she pulled herself up onto the edge of the pool next to me.

“If you get me wet I will kill you.” I told her mildly, shuffling sideways slightly.

“Don’t be a baby.” She leaned towards me.

“No don’t,” I shrieked, pulling my legs out of the pull and shuffling backwards until my back was pressed against the recliner Sophia was seated on.

“Stop acting three, the both of you.” Sophia rolled her eyes like she was higher and mightier than us, before reaching over and throwing a towel at Willow.

“Sorry mummy.” I couldn’t help but mock her. I got a cuff over the back of my head for the efforts, and really who did she think she was? Fucking Gibbs to my Tony. No thank you.

“Stop avoiding the question.” Willow rolled her eyes as she sat down on Sophia legs. Sophia just pulled her leg up and Willow fell backwards with a thump that made both me and Sophia laugh.

“I’m sorry what was the question?” I asked when the two of them finally settled on the chair and had stopped pushing each other. And I was the three year old?

Sophia scoffed and rolled her eyes, “Why are you not excited for the ball?”

“I never said that,” I told them honestly, leaning backwards on my hands so that I was facing the two of them, “And I’m pretty sure neither of you asked that question either.”

“Stop deflecting.” Willow leant over to flick my on the shoulder gently, “why aren’t you excited?”

“I am?” I tried to sound convincing, but it came out more like a question than the declaration I intended it to be.

“Bullshit.” Sophia scoffed, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder.’

Willow nodded in agreement, “Bullshit.”

“I’m not unexcited.” I started, which was true. The long dress and hair and make-up and all that good stuff sounded fun, I was looking forwards to going dress shopping.

“But you’re not excited.” Willow pointed out, “So tell us why.”

“Does there need to be a reason why?” I tried because really didn’t want to talk about this, but once those two got started there was no stopping them.

They exchanged a look before speaking in unison, “Yes.”

“So what is it?” Sophia continued, pushing her sunglasses off on top of her head.

“Yea, dish.” Willow nodded again.

Sophia shot her a look out of the corner of her eye. A look full of judgment and scorn, “Did you just say dish?”

“Yea.” Willow shrugged, “What of it.”

“That is just not cool.”

“I don’t care.” Willow said nonchalantly, tying her hair up in a messy bun on top of her head.

“You should care.” Sophia scoffed.

“Well I don’t.” Willow said, before returning her attention to me. Damn I thought they’d be lost of on one of their petty fights for an eternity. Apparently the one time I wanted one it wasn’t going to happen, “Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you missy.” She wagged a finger at me.

“I don’t dance.” I finally said, because yea that was the truth and something that was worrying me slightly.

“So?” Sophia asked, “Neither does half the class. In fact I bet barely anyone will dance.” Which was okay a valid point.

“You’re a bunch of spoilsport.” Willow added her two cents as she curled up on the footrest, like a little cat.

“Yes we know.” Sophia dismissed her, “But that’s not a reason to be unenthusiastic.” 

“Not for you maybe,” I muttered, sitting forward and clutching my legs to my chest.

“Oh stop being so self-deprecating, you’re gorgeous and funny.” Willow spoke up with a roll of her eyes. Like I was her or Sophia, fishing for compliments or something. Compliments from those two were pretty much empty anyway (though nice to hear regardless)

“What’s the real problem Ana?” Sophia asked intently, leaning forwards slightly and looking me in the eye. I was a little bit intimidated, not going to lie.

“I dunno,” I shrugged, feeling strangely compelled to tell her the truth even though I knew this was going to end badly. It’s what always happened; “I guess I just know I’m going to end up going with Ben. Which isn’t a problem, but it’d be nice to be asked.” I said, looking at my toes in embarrassment. I bet the two of them would be asked, probably had been asked already. Sophia had Christian, whatever was going on with that, and Willow had her current boyfriend Ray right now at the very least.

“Oh Ana.” Willow cooed, tumbling out of the chair and landing pretty much sprawled in my lap, “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” She scolded, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I’m not being hard on myself. I’m just saying.” I protested because really, realistically everyone probably had paired up anyway.

“Don’t swear it Ana,” Sophia told me kindly, “Someone will ask you, and really Ben isn’t that bad.”

“What do you know that I don’t?” I glared at her over Willow’s head as I wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

“Nothing.” She shrugged convincingly. I totally would have believed her except for all the other hints the two of them and Olivia had been dropping. I was seriously suspicious now.

“I am so suspicious of the three of you.” I told them, pushing Willow off me when I remember, oh yea she was still kind of damp from the pool, “You aren’t even close to subtle.”

“I’m just saying someone’s bound to ask you.” Sophia shrugged as Willow placed her towel in my lap before curling up on the pavement, with her head in my lap.

“I don’t believe you but I’m to warm and content to argue.” I told her with a sigh, leaning backwards again to soak up some of the heat. Hopefully I wouldn’t burn again though. That stuff was nasty.

“Good, there’s nothing to argue about.” Sophia nodded, like that was that. In her eyes it pretty much was, “Now you both have to come with me to find the perfect dress. You can tell me which looks the hottest on me.”

It was longer than I wanted it to be between Ana stories but my poor laptop D: I didn't want to write on the school one but since I'm now not getting mine back for a couple of weeks it seems I gave up D: anyway tags for @ingrid @vicks @chrissykinz @luxecouture and @sarahstardom
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