Saturday, September 8th: An exhibition about the Fitzgerald family will be opened for general audiences today.


the weekend for most people means sleeping in and enjoying leisurely activities. Ellie, on the other hand, was up at 8 am and ready to go. By 11, she had vacuumed, cleaned the house, done laundry, and had time to eat breakfast. It wasn’t that she enjoyed spending all of her free time doing meaningless tasks, but she enjoyed waking up and accomplishing things, that way she had the rest of the day free. 

On this particular Saturday, Ellie decided to return to the Fitzgerald Mansion because there was a new exhibit opening. As a person who loved history, she was beyond excited to see what the exhibit had to offer. So, at noon she headed for the Fitzgerald Mansion with great expectations.

The crowd, though rather large, was nowhere near as overwhelming as opening day and she was glad of it. This time she could enjoy the house and appreciate it much more. The exhibit was not hard to find and Ellie made her way carefully through it. She read every piece of literature and description and studied all photos and portraits with great care. These people actually lived in the house she was standing in. 

Perhaps Olivia Fitzgerald stood in the same spot as Ellie and looked out of the expansive windows. Or perhaps the whole Fitzgerald family gathered in the room to chat and tell stories. Ellie let her mind drift away from her as she stood in front of the large window, overlooking the west grounds. She could only imagine what must have been like to live in such a magnificent and glorious place. There was something about the design and layout and beauty of the place that intrigued her. 

As she made her way toward the end of the exhibit, her love and respect for the place declined for a moment. The last section of the exhibit was about the legends of ghosts within the Fitzgerald Mansion. Ellie scrunched her eyebrows together and crossed her arms. How could the board allow such nonsense into such a lovely exhibit? Ghost stories had their place and it was definitely not in a historical exhibit. What was the world coming to when a historically fascinating home and exhibit had to be couple with a ridiculous tale of ghosts?

“Now, now, you don’t look like you’re enjoying this very much,” a familiar, but unexpected voice made Ellie jump. 

She turned to find Will, the guy she met at the reopening, beside her and she said, “You really should stop sneaking up on me like that.”

“Sorry,” Will added with a smirk and twinkle in his eye, “Are you enjoying the exhibit?”

“Very much,” Ellie said with satisfaction, “Why do you ask?”

“Well, you were just staining over her scowling at the wall,” Will replied.

“Oh well, I’ve enjoyed every part of the exhibit except this part,” Ellie motioned to the wall full of ghost stories and conspiracy theories. 

“You don’t believe in the history of the ghosts,” Will said nodding his head.

“No of course not, and don’t call it history. If it’s not true, it’s not history,” Ellie said defiantly. 

“And what qualifies you to say the stories aren’t true?” Will asked folding his arms and expectantly waiting for some witty response.

“I’m a scientists, and scientists don’t believe in ghosts,” Ellie said triumphantly, mimicking Will’s crossed arms.

“Oh so you’re a scientist,” Will grinned sheepishly, “So what type of scientist are you?”

Ellie dropped her arms and nervously twisted her hands. “Well, um, I’m technically, a library scientist,” she barely mumbled.

“A library scientist!” Will roar with laughter.

“Well, technically an archivist,” Ellie said glaring at Will for making such an over the top statement.

“Oh, yes, let’s call you a library scientist, please,” Will said with a smile, “I never knew library scientists were experts on all things sciences.”

“I don’t need this,” Ellie said with a huff, and walked out of the room into the hall.

“Wait, wait!” Will called after her, “I’m just kidding!”

Ellie stopped and turned to face him. He looked at her with eyes wide and full of apologies and something inside her cracked. Perhaps it was the piece of his hair that fell in front of his eye or perhaps it was just how generally attractive he was - no, maybe it was his wit and intelligence. Well, whatever it was… it was something.

Ellie smiled at him and said, “Everythign within me really wants to dislike you, but I can’t.”

“Oh well, that’s just my natural charm working on you,” he said.

“Yeah that must be it,” Ellie added with a laugh.

“I really am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you,” he said apologetically, “I was just surprised you called yourself a scientist.”

Ellie shook her head and couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright, alright, I get it. What makes you so qualified to defend the science professions?”

“Well,” he said straightening up, “I’m a scientist.”

“Seriously?” Ellie laughed at the irony, “What sort of scientist?”

“Well, I got my masters in genomics and I have two Ph.D’s, one in genomics and the other in biophysics,” he said.

“You’re joking? But you look so young, how is that even possible,” Ellie said in astonishment.

Will laughed at her remark and nodded his head in understanding, “Let’s just say it was a lot of hard work. “

“Then you must know ghosts don’t and can’t exist,” Ellie said waiting for him to take her side.

“I don’t understand why you keep saying that,” he said, “there are so many things in the world that scientists 50 years ago would be shocked to see, so why can’t they’re be ghosts?”

“So you do believe in them?” Ellie raised her eyebrow at him.

“I didn’t say that. I’m saying there is a possibility that they exist and a possibility that they don’t,” Will said wagging his finger in front of his smiling face.

“But you have to have a leaning one way or the other,” Ellie said pleading with him, “So why don’t you just tell me.”

“Ah, ah, ah,” he said shaking his head, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“ugh fine,” Ellie said with a frustrated smile, “let’s get back in there.” she took him by the arm and reentered the exhibit. As they walked by ghost section again, Ellie looked at it again. Was she missing something vital to the puzzle?

+ +

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Thursday, September 13th: The local cinema is having a movie feature on ‘James Dean’. Make sure to visit them and enjoy ‘East of Eden’, ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and ‘Giant’.

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