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I'm kinda into Fleetwood Mac lately :D


School kinda keeps me uninspired, which is why I'm not really able to create sets in the middle of the week ^^
I already wrote two exams. History and Latin. I don't know yet what I have in History, but I know that I have a 1 (some of you call it an A) in Latin. Well, it doesn't mean so much to me, 'cause it was just vocabulary and nothing with translate or decline or conjugate or something, which is my actual problem. Seriously, I'm so bad in it.
Well, next week I have four exams coming up: 
Monday - English vocabulary test and I don't even have the vocabulary, funny huh? :D 
Also on Monday - German. Uuhm yeah. I'm not so good in that interpretation-thing. We've started to read 'The Reader' and I seriously don't like it. I wanted to read another book anyway. I wanted to read 'The Pigeon', because the main person is kinda insane.
Tuesday - Maths, I'm so screwed. I'm so bad in maths. I mean I got a 5 in my testimony ^^ I don't understand anything of what my teacher is trying to teach me. 
Friday - Geography. TOTAL FAIL. Urban development - I hate that topic. Not just because I'm not good at it, but because I always get so tired in the lesson ^^
Yeeaah, as you see, busy week :D 


I'm pissed. Last month I wanted to buy Harper's Bazaar UK because of Miranda. I was in the store, where I can buy international magazines, like every day and all they had was Harper's Bazaar USA. This month I want Harper's Bazaar USA because of Miranda and guess what? They just have Harper's Bazaar UK. WHYYYYY?!
Well, at least I finally found an issue of 'Treasure Yourself'. I'm not really spiritually inclined, but I gotta say that I really liked to read this book.
I bought it on Monday and on Tuesday I somehow had the energie or more the courage to do something I wanted to do for a long time, but of what I was afraid.
As some of you know I used to do athletics for four years since I was like 10 years old. I actually was pretty good, belonged to the best of my state and yes, I've always dreamed of being a part of the olympic games someday. But two years ago I suddenly got asthma. It was pretty bad. I couldn't run 50 metres without coughing like crazy and after a 100 metre I needed to lay down immediatley because of my circulation, which was screwed by my breathing. I was so sad about that. Sad and pretty angry. I hadn't the power to fight and keep doing the thing I love the most. So I stopped. In that two years I got sick a lot. Just little infections, but well...I just felt kinda lost. I tried different sports. First soccer, but yeah...I needed to understand that that won't work either. A little later I started with tennis. It was fun first, but I wasn't my sport. I always knew that athletics is the one and only sport of my but I was kinda ashamed of myself because I was so gutless. And I was afraid of being bad. I didn't wanted to be bad. And that negative thinking made me so weak...I think all of this is why I'm such a Pessimist. I don't believe in myself in any way. But well, to get to the point...I know it sounds crazy but 'Treasure Yourself' kinda made me think more positive. Made me think that whatever I want to do, I can do it. As long as my will is really there. And then, the same day, I found my jersey in the closet. I thought I've lost it or threw it away or something. But there it was. In my hands. I saw it and remembered that I wore it just one time. And not even in a competition. And I thought that I need to wear it in a competition for at least ONE TIME! So the next day - tuesday - I went to practise. After two asthma still bad....I did it and I regret it that I haven't fought. I really regret that I waited to two years to go there again. Those two years were so hard and then on that Tuesday it suddenly was gone. I was so happy and I was actually pretty good. My coach said it himself. I had horrible muscle ache after it and I even sprained my ancle but I don't care about that.
Some of you maybe think that this is ridiculous, but...well, I don't care about that. 
All I want to say with that is that everyone has the power to do what they wish for. Whatever it is. And hey, you should do it now, otherwise you will regret it. Just like me.
Hasta luego, amigos.

btw, this set is dedicated to some of the most amazing people I know here
@takeheart42 - Ich hoffe du hast das Spiel gestern gesehen. Waren zwar 'nur' die Färöer und das Spiel war zugegebenermaßen echt merkwürdig (lag bestimmt am 4-1-4-1), aber Spiel ist Spiel :D Und ich fand's cool. Götzeus made it :D Und Mats :D haha ->


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