Name: India de Luca
Age/Birthday: 19; October 15, 1992
Known as: The seductive kitten
Favourite song: No Church in the Wild | Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft. Frank Ocean
"We formed a new religion, no sins as long as there's permission and deception is the only felony; so never f*ck nobody without tellin' me"
Occupation: Part-time burlesque dancer
Likes: heels, se.x, perfumes with a spice and wood note, statement jewelry, mauve lipstick, dancing, changing her hairstyle frequently, tattoos, winged eyeliner, girls who can rock the half-shaved hair look
Dislikes: social media websites, judgmental people, prudes, hypocrites, bad decisions, ugly sweaters, people with no manners, foot fetishes, chipped nails, over sized clothes (unless she has a flight)
Biography: India is the girl that everyone lusts after. She knows what the public wants, so that's what she gives. Surprisingly, there has never been a se.x tape or nudes released to the public. However, there's constant rumors about her dating the burlesque queen, Dawn Harris and here's the catch: they're true. But since both of them want to keep their relationship a secret, India has resorted to dating the best football player in the US. The problem is that he doesn't know he's being used as a beard and he wants to settle down with India, so sooner or later she'll have to confess or break up with him.
Hidden talent: Is surprisingly, really good at ballet. No one would notice because of the image she portrays, but when dancing, she exudes grace and poise.
Model: Rihanna



"India? Baby, where are you?" Dawn's voice purred from the other side of the room. I was tense as because Brody was coming here at 1 AM and I wasn't ready for it. I wanted to tell him that we didn't belong together, but he was just such a sweet guy. I felt awful. But then again, I loved Dawn more. I also... kind of loved Brody too?

"In my room." I replied.

"Is everything okay?" She asked calmly, as she paced inside the room. "I mean, you left my performance early."

"Yeah, sorry babe. Brody's coming tonight." I explained, my eyes fixed somewhere else but her.

"You haven't broke up with him." Dawn pointed out. "You said you would... two weeks ago."

"Dawn, you have to understand, it's not /that/ easy." I said. But then again, she didn't want to go public with us either. So she actually had no reason to demand anything of me.

"But, I don't like sharing." She pouted, as I pulled her close to me, pressing a light kiss on her lips.

"Who says you are?" I winked at her. As if on cue, someone knocked on the door.

"India? Are you in there?" Brody's voice resonated through the walls. Instinctively, I shoved Dawn to my side.

"Come on in!" I said in a cheery voice.

"Oh hey baby." He grinned, "Hello Dawn."

"Hey, Brody." Dawn waved at him. I could feel the tension in the room. I wanted to throw up.

But Brody didn't feel any tension at all, in fact, he walked towards me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. Dawn stiffed as she saw us and I tried to relax, giving her a simpathetic look.

"So, are we leaving yet?" Brody asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Where are we going?" I asked, an eyebrow raised. I get that he was in town for a couple of weeks, but couldn't we rest at my place like normal people? Did he have to go all tourist on me?

"To my penthouse, obviously." He smirked. Dawn scoffed. I looked at her with my eyes wide opened and she shrugged.

"Well, I'd better get going." Dawn said. "I have a lot of things to adjust for my next performance... I'd better find someone to watch me dancing." She sighed dramatically. Okay, she was totally doing this to get me jealous. It wouldn't work, I told myself.

"See ya." Brody said, giving her a hug. She patted his back awkwardly.

She mustered a smile, "See you two."
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