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o9. To get settled into Theta House again we are hosting a movie night. Watch your favourite movies and binge on popcorn.

“I can’t believe he did that...” I complained the minute we got out of Barton’s class. “It’s our first day, jeez.”
I glanced over at Cloe who was smiling. “Cloe!” I snapped my fingers in front of her face. “I can understand sleeping on a desk, but while walking?” 
“I’m sorry, Scottie. I’m a little bit distracted.” She smiled.
“It’s ok. I always talk to myself.” I smiled reassuringly so she won’t feel guilty. 
“So...” Cloe inserted a coin into the wending machine. “What do you think of the other girls?” 
“Hmmm...” I leaned onto the wending machine. “I’ve never had female friends before, so it’s hard to say...” 
Cloe laughed. “Never?”
“Nope.” I shook my head. “I always thought of myself as one of the boys, although I wear skirts and own only one pair of jeans.” 
“Yes.” I nodded smiling. Until this day I don’t know if I should be proud or hit the mall right away and buy a pair of pants. 
“Eli, I will tell you one last time, and after that, you will never speak of it again! Jason Todd /is/ the Red Hood.” My eyes widened. I knew that always frustrated voice trying to prove something. It’s Norman and Eli!
I quickly turned around and spotted the two of them standing in a corner and arguing. I shook my head and turned towards Cloe. “You see those guys over there?” I pointed at Norman and Eli. 
“Yeah...” she nodded. 
“Those were one of the guys I spent my childhood with..” I smiled. “Those are the two members of my nerd herd.” 
“Where are the others?”
“Somewhere...” I looked around the campus hoping to find someone. Preferably Daniel. “Wait, here, I’ll be right back..”
“Actually, I have to get going back to the house, see you there?” 
“Sure.” I nodded smiling and approached Norman and Eli. “Hey guys.” 
“Oh, hello Scotland.” Norman greeted me with his always monotone voice. “Please tell this noob that Jason Todd is the Red Hood.” 
“No!” Eli shouted. “You tell /him/ that Jason Todd is actually Robin!” 
“Actually... you’re both right..” Norman and Eli stare at me. “Jason Todd was Robin before he died and then magically came to life. Then he became evil and took the identity of the Red Hood. After that came the partnerships with the Riddler, Talia al Ghul...” I counted on my fingers. Norman and Eli were outraged. The two of them were sending death glares. 
“How about you stop talking before these guys have murdered you.” Daniel appeared out of nowhere and with a strong grasp on my arms he dragged me as away as possible from my nerdy friends. 
“Danny!” I hugged him. “I’ve missed you. You won’t believe what happened today. Barton, my new psychology professor made us start with the most difficult thing in the book. And it’s only our first day!” 
“Let me guess, you would’ve been happy with a puzzle?” Daniel chuckled.
“A lot!” I nodded. “How have you been doing?”
“Not bad. For now the professors seem okay.” He shrugged. As he was talking I noticed his bag. 
“Really Daniel, really? A purse?” 
“It’s not a purse it’s a satchel! Don’t make me quote the entire Hangover now.” I rolled my eyes, as he was trying to explain. “Indiana...-
“Indiana Jones wore once too.. I know, I know. It’s still a purse to me..” 
“Whatever. Where are we going?” 
“To meet my new friends..” Daniel shot me a look. “Don’t look at me like that. I already told them how cool you are. Plus I have to prove to Bailey that my best friend, is way cooler than hers.” 
“You’re unbelievable.” He rolled his eyes. 
“Oh come on! You’ll love them!”
“How many are there?” 
“Well, let’s see...” I started to count on my fingers, “.. there’s Cloe, then Bailey, Grace, Shay, Aria, Ally, Emilia, Clover... am I missing someone? Oh yeah and meeee! But you already know me so..” 
“Fine.. if that makes you happy...” Daniel scoffed. 

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