yay, lola is back! and with a new model, too.

name: Lola Byrd
age: 21
birthday: February 16th
year: Junior
major: Dance
hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
style: Sexy and cute. She loves to show off her long legs and loves fun colors.
biography: Lola is the resident naughty girl. She doesn’t care much about her image because she knows that we only live once. She loves cocktail parties and dance clubs. Lola hops from guy to guy but one things remains consistent: she loves to dance.
model: Odette Annable

more bio: http://www.polyvore.com/every_single_night_we_fight/set?id=26371328&lid=735851
intro: http://www.polyvore.com/tonight_were_going_hard_just/set?id=26624106&lid=735851
boys: www.polyvore.com/well_im_not_dumb_but/set?id=26649217&lid=735851
collection: http://www.polyvore.com/streets_seattle_lola_byrd/collection?id=735851

i haven't decided exactly what to do with her. i might backtrack a little and use some of the old stories. i had an awesome storyline planned out for her love life, so i just have to remember where i wrote it down - i think it might have been on my old computer.
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