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"Hey Scottie do you have any....." I said opening the door to her room only to see her and the John Blake doppelgänger kissing. "Oh." I said giggling nervously. So this is how people felt when the walked in on me and Liam. "Don't worry , You two just keeping doing what your doing." I said slamming the door shut. "Sorry i didn't mean to slam the door." I yelled starring at the door before walking as fast as possible away.

"€œAria! Scottie shouted , Oh god she was either a. going to try and explain what was going on - which i really didn't need , I saw clearly what was going on. Or b. have a go at me for disturbing her but honestly she should but a sock on the door handle or something.

I turned around shooting her an exited grin. "€œOh.My.God! You make a great couple!" I said approaching her , she looked all flushed and slightly confused. It was adorable .

"€œNo." She shook her head. "€œYou got it wrong. Me and Daniel are not a couple. No way. No flickering way." Worst explanation ever. Why were they even kissing then? Scottie did really seem like a friends with benefits kinda person to me.
Then why did the two of you kissed?"

"€œCause..." She paused avoding eye contact ."I haven't been kissed before." She sighed. 

"Oh, Scottie..." I awed "€œAre you a virgin as well ?"

"€œWhat do you think Aria?"She stared at me sarcastically. 

"€œSorry. Slight joke..." I said with a small nervous giggle escaping. How was i supposed to know these things.

"You shouldn't become a comedian." Scottie said sounding slightly annoyed. I frowned i really didn't mean to offend her but the whole we aren't a couple thing caught me off guard. Why couldn't the be a couple? They would be the most awkwardly adorable couple ever. 

 "Sorry. Again." I said to her with an apologetic smile "But i am generally a funny person just so you know. 

 Scottie shook her head a small smile coming across her face. I grinned , I am back to everyone loving me.

 "But seriously you like John right?"

 "Daniel." She corrected me. I rolled my eyes "I call my boyfriend's bestfriend Puppy Scott and I call Grace's friend Bambi. Once i can compare someone to something they are stuck with the name." I said , I have a problem i'd admit it.

 "So that's why you call Liam sexy?" Scottie asked her a smirk on her face. "That because... Hey! Your avoiding the topic! You sneaky sneaky Scottie. Do you actually like him?

She looked away, pouting slightly "I... I really don't know.." She shrugged. I starred at her confused , i thought liking someone was obvious.

 "How can you not know?" 

 "I just.. don't. Daniel's my friend, my best friend. Nothing more!" She paused, letting a frustrated sigh, " We use to have sleep overs for crying out loud!" 

 "Really?" I raised my eyebrow smirking a little. Scottie eyebrows burrowed into a stop it look. Oh good i really had been spending to much time with the boys.

 "Not like that!"She shouted before covering her mouth. Probably a bit to loud. "If I start a relationship with him now I'll ruin everything..." 

 "So, you do like him?" I raised my eyebrows , smirking once again. "Honestly...? I don't know..." She shrugged. "How about you?"

 "Do I like Daniel? Well, considering that I already have a boyfriend, but if I didn't..-" I started what kinda weird question was that. She started waving her hand in front of my face , I assumed that meant i was still talking.

 "I'm not talking about Daniel." causing me to go oh well that at least make's some sense "I'm talking about you and LIam.. you use to be friends before you started dating right?"

"Oh" I said faltering slightly, "I mean yeah we were friends before we started dating. That's right." I said nodding. 

 "And are you still friends? I mean underneath all the relationship stuff , it is still the same between you." Scotland asked.

 "I guess so , Maybe not. I'm not sure. It can't be the same can it because it's different." I said with a shrug. Liam was still a good friend to me but if i was going to label him it be as something more. 

 "And if you broke up could you go back to being friends?" Scotland asked a hint of desperation in her voice.

 "I don't know probably not straight away. I mean that would be hard but eventually i guess we would. I mean we have some of the same friends." I said frowning. I hadn't ever consider breaking up with Liam before , I mean it is more then likely to happen at some point. No relationship could survive college without breaking up once right.

 "See i don't risk my friendship with Daniel. It's to special."

I nodded still frowning. Why was everyone involved in overly complicated romances "€œI get you. Losing a person like Daniel would mean the world to you.." I nodded 
"€œI'€™m such an idiot." She covered her face with her hands. She was being way to hard on herself. No one knows they are going to fall for their bestfriend. 

" I should know these things! I mean, I /am/ majoring in psychology right?! Look at me! I can'€™t solve /my/ problems and I want to solve other people’s problems!? Such an idiot."

"€œYou'€™re not an idiot Scottie.."€ I said softly, removing her hands from her face, a smile tugging the corner of my lips. "You'€™re awesome"€ She nodded agreeing with me.

 "But, what if he likes you too...?" I asked quietly. "€œOh my God! What do I do then!?" She covered her mouth once again. " 

"€œAria tell me what should I do then!?She grabbed my shoulder's shaking me. Note to self don't go near Scottie when it is exam times , If this is what she is like when she is stressed over a boy , I'd hate to see what she would do when it was exam time.

"How about you calm down and stop trying to break me." I suggested helpfully. 

She stopped shaking me . Looking over at me apologetically , "Sorry but seriously. What do i do?" 

 "I don't really know." I said feeling quite useless and bad for not being helpful. "You just got go with the flow."

She sighed leaning against the wall "Why can't life just be a John Hughes movie?" I smirked , I loved those movies.

"Because, if life /was/ a John Hughes movie, it would've been too awesome.." 

"Stupid life.." She mumbled, pouting. 

 "Scottie!"I said enthusiastically. "You're a genius!" 

 "I am?"She starred at me dumbfound. Turns out i get those look entirely to much. 

 "Yes!" I nodded grinning from ear to ear. "I just remembered I have Pretty in Pink somewhere in my stuff!" 

Her eyes s widened. "Oh. My. God!"I nodded again. "What are we waiting for?" She asked. "Let's watch it!"
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Wrote 4 years ago
I loved this :3 too cute!

Wrote 4 years ago
Ohhhh su cute girls, great collab!

Wrote 4 years ago
this is adorable!

Wrote 4 years ago
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