Monday - Some people are still in Dubai but those in France who are in the mood for fashion and mimosas are invited to Karl Lagerfeld's mansion, not far from Paris, for a brunch. You'll also get a preview of his exclusive pieces. 

After a weekend in Dubai, it was great to be back in France. I loved Dubai, the climate was great, but I wouldn’t change Paris for anything in the world. Dubai seems to me like eternal vacations, with no worries and nothing to do. I know it may sound like a dream to anyone, but not for me. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always liked to do something, to maintain myself occupied with some kind of work. Even though many people say I already have, I still feel like I need to let people know that I can do great things for my own without my mother’s help. Plus, I love winter wear too much to live in a place where you have 12 month of non-stopping bikini season – and I didn’t feel very comfortable wearing a bikini 24/7 either.

What to wear for an event like this one? That was quite a problem indeed. ‘Wear anything Chanel and you’ll be fine’ would a normal person think. My situation wasn’t the most normal of them all to be quite honest. Did I like Karl’s designs? Yes. Did I like Chanel? Of course. But at the same time I had to stand for my own label. I certainly couldn’t just turn up dressed like Chanel’s no. 1 fan I didn’t want to either. Finally, I decided not to wear anything Chanel but a black vintage 2.25 bag that demonstrated I liked the brand but that Kiew Wang also existed. Perhaps no one ever would stop to think about this, but I couldn’t help to over think every single thing I did.

Nevertheless, I still was pretty excited. I hadn’t seen Karl in a very long time and he was so funny and cool to be around. 

“Lin” he said hugging me “I’m so glad to see you”

“I know, it’s been years” I replied happily.

“Are you here to steal some ideas?”

“How did you know?” we both laughed, it was nice to meet again. After a few minutes, I had to let him go and greet everyone.

I walked a little looking for some waiter with a little snack to offer me, truth was I was starving. Before I could taste a bite of anything, I found a group of familiar faces.

“Girls! How are you?” I said hugging them. Volumnia, Mia and Madelyn hugged me back. Although it was a little weird, it was good to be back on good terms with Mads.

After a little small talk and catching up with our lives, Volumnia remembered “the show starts in about 5 minutes! We should get going”

“I’ll get something to eat first. You go, I’ll catch up with you later” I said, aware of the noise my stomach was starting to make. 

I just stood there, looking at a big table full of food with waiters waiting for me to choose what I wanted, calculating which would be the smartest choice, the one with fewer calories. I was so caught up in my thought I hadn’t noticed the guy standing next to me until he sighed.

“There are so many options and they’re all delicious, right?”

“What?” I shook my head like trying to get my thoughts in order “No, I’m actually too picky” I stated.

“Jasper Armstrong” he presents himself, offering his hand to shake.

“Lin-Lin Wang” I smiled, shaking his hand.

“It’s such a pleasure to meet you” he said, leading the way with his hand to the interior of the mansion “Shall we?”

I made a small move with my head, indicating I agreed. 

“So... I should get back to my friends” I said awkwardly. I was never quite good at excusing myself.

“I hope to see you again” 

“Maybe we will” I turned around to leave and couldn’t help to smile. Thanks God he couldn’t see me.

When I rejoined the girls, I noticed they had seen me enter the room with Jasper. They looked me with inquisitive eyes but, luckily, the lights went down and the music started. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to talk about guys – even the ones I didn’t even know – with Madelyn yet.
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