Don McLean- American Pie

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What are you most insecure about? about my appearance and future.
What do you think is your best feature? I have no idea :D
What do you think is your worst feature? I overthink.
Are you self-confident? Why or why not? Basically I am, but there are times I don't feel confident at all.
How would you describe your looks? blue eyes, quite long dark-blond hair, small and quite thin.
How would you describe your personality? I'm ambitious, but a bit lazy haha :D. I'm reliable, honest, I've a sense of humor and like making other people smile. I'm usually nice, but when someone really annoys me I can be mean.
Are you in love? If not, have you ever been in love? No, I'm not in love, but yes, I have been in love.
What do you look for in a guy? he must have sense of humor, that's first. honest, nice, attractive, tall, protective... well I don't know what else. I don't have a type, to be honet.
What is one thing that you find adorable when guys do it? Playing with small kids
What is your biggest fear? That someday I'll be alone, without anyone who can help me. 
What is something you're excited for? Getting my drive licence, holiday and the rest of my life :D.

What is something that you're obsessed with right now? Sleeping With Sirens and You Me At Six.
What is your favourite beauty product? Mascara, eyeliner and foundation
How would you describe your fashion style? Well, I don't have definite fashion style. I like oversized sweaters, jeans, wedges... Sometimes I wear dresses. I always wear what I like and look good at it.
What is your favourite piece of clothing you own? My jeans hahaha :D
What is a piece of clothing you want to buy? A black jacket and another oversized sweater.
Fave song? only one? it's impossible to have only one fave song. my fave songs are "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, "Mad Love" by Neon Trees, "Everything's an Illusion" by Mayday Parade, "If You Can't Hang" by Sleeping With Sirens and "Reckless" by You Me At Six.

Fave artist? Josh Franceschi.
Fave movie? I love all the Harry Potter movies, 500 Days of Summer, My Sister's Keeper and The Hunger Games. 

Fave actor? I think i don't have one.
Fave actress? I don't have one :D
Fave model? Barbara Palvin
Fave book? Harry Potter books and a lot of others.
Fave animal? I like dogs :D
Fave colour? Black and blue 
Fave drink? Definitely tea.
Fave food? Hamburgers, fries and gołąbki, I'm sorry I don't know how it is in English :D.

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